Catrice Kaviar Gauche LE collection ~ preview

Catrice Kaviar Gauche collection

Catrice Kaviar Gauche collection

Normally, I only show you pieces from limited edition collections that I really like. Well, this time, the story is the same, but what you’re seeing is actually the entire colection. It’s so absolutely beautiful that I would love to own everything in it. As you can tell from the photo above, I already got a quick peek at the collection at Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp and quickly decided that I want to introduce it to you.

Kaviar Gauche is one of the most fashionable brands in Germany, best known for their wedding gowns. This is the third time they collaborated with Catrice and I think the end result is stunning. There is a ton of gold and small detailing that makes this collection an absolute eye candy. You know how I always say that Catrice is stepping up their game? Well, this Kaviar Gauche & Catrice is another example of this!

Catrice Kaviar Gauche LE – brushes (eye brushes 4,29 €, face brushes 5,69€)

Catrice Kaviar Gauche brushes

First, I want to show you the brushes. There are four brushes in the collection (left to right):  highlighter brush, eye lid brush, eye blender brush and blush&contour brush (try to say this sentence out loud!). They look absolutely stunning and would be a welcome addition to my collection. I had the chance to give them a whirl and I have to say they are incredibly soft. For the price, definitely something to consider if you’re looking for new, affordable brushes.

Catrice Kaviar Gauche LE – brush roll (6,29 €)

Catrice Kaviar Gauche brush roll

Good brush roll is hard to come by. I’ve had the same one for years and it’s not exactly pretty looking anymore. This brush roll from Catrice Kaviar Gauche is intended for two larger and three smaller brushes, but I think you could actually fit more than that in there. I love the entire look of it with the cute bow. The color is perhaps not the most practical for travel, but beautiful nonetheless.

Catrice Kaviar Gauche LE – eyeshadow quad Sans Souci (6,29 €)

Catrice Kaviar Gauche eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow quads in LE from Catrice are kind of hit or miss with me and this one is definitely a hit. With the four colors, you can easily create an everyday look, but I’d buy this palette even just to look at. With the details in the pans and the stunning packaging, it’s perhaps the prettiest palette of this year.

Catrice Kaviar Gauche LE – highlighter Eclat D’Or (6,29 €)

Catrice Kaviar Gauche highlighter

This highlighter is absolutely huge! No joke – it’s about as big as my entire palm and that’s saying something. I don’t think I really need another highlight this size with Cubanita and everything, but at the same time, Cubanita is golden and this one draws more toward the pink side. Again, an absolutely stunning product.

This line is already on the shelves in your favorite drugstore as I’m typing this. What’s your favorite product out of this line? Did you get anything for yourself already? Until next time, stay beautiful!


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