Let me test it for you: Long4lashes Eyelash Enhancing serum

Long4Lashes eyelash serum

I think that one of the main things that make being a beauty blogger so much fun is testing out new products all the time. Even though I’m not unhappy with my natural lashes and I can usually get quite a nice look with most mascaras, I’m also quite keen on the idea of rolling out of the bed with full, beautiful eyelashes. I also got quite a few questions about such serums already and now, here’s the result.

Long4lashes Eyelash Enhancing serum bottle

For the next six months or so, I’ll be testing the Long4Lashes Eyelash enhancing serum and letting you know how it goes. I think that many of you are interested in these serums so I’ll be happy to report my thoughts and observations as we go.

The Long4Lashes Eyelash Enhancing Serum is one of the least expensive serums in the market – on Dragocena.si, you can find it for 23,50€.

long4lashes eyelash serum 5

Apparently, this little bottle will last for about 6 months of use. I’m supposed to be seeing first results in about 3 weeks and get great new voluminous lashes in 6 months. Well, time will tell if that happens, but I’m personally really excited for this experiement and I’ll be even more stoked if the serum works like it promises.

long4lashes eyelash serum igredients

Besides water and all that usual ingredients one normally finds in serums, Long4Lashes serum also contains an ingredient called bimatoprost which is apparently the N.1 active ingredient in this serum. Besides bimatoprost, it also contains hyaluronic acid (which definitely won’t hurt them) and pro-vitamin B5 which is often found in various shampoos and proven to strengthen the structure of hair, so it will probably work similarly on my lashes.

Long4Lashes before and after photo

These are my lashes today, before I start using the lash serum.

I’ll be using the serum once a day at night and run the wand along my lash line after I’ve removed my make-up.

long4lashes eyelash serum wand

The wand looks very simple to use so I don’t expect any problems on that part.


Expect an update in about 3 months time so we can see if there are any visible results. Until then, stay beautiful!


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