Mirta hand cream for softer and protected hands in cold days

Mirta hand cream

When cold days arrive, my hands are always in need of extra protection. My skin gets cracked and dry, especially around the knuckles, so I’m always looking for something extra to protect them. This year, my companion will be the Mirta hand cream. It’s available in two scents and instead of going for the classic lavender, I chose Orange since it reminds me of Christmas.

Mirta hand cream oranges

This cream isn’t one of those that you apply and after five minutes it feels like you did nothing. It is based on shea butter which is a great ingredient on it own. The hand cream contains essential oil of orange (which acts as a fragrance), immortelle (which promotes blood circulation and helps with skin regeneration), oil of Ylang-Ylang (that calms the skin and has antiseptic properties) and glycerin which ties in extra moisture and restores elasticity in the skin.

Mirta hand cream bottle

Mirta hand cream comes in 50ml packaging which will be enough for about two months for me. I don’t think that the packaging is anything extra or super cute, but it’s safe, doesn’t open in my bag and that’s what I find most important of everything.

Mirta hand cream logo

I’m sure you remember me talking about Mirta before. It’s a brand I discovered this spring and I keep going back to it for new and new products since they work really well for me.  That’s why I’m also confident in recommending it to you. I also wrote a post about Mirta deodorant *here* and Mirta Aloe Vera Lotion and Tanning butter *here*. We’re also planning something really special with them in December so keep your eyes out for that one.

You can get your own products at Mirta online store *here* and in several stores around Slovenia. They’ve also entered VitaCare stores lately which makes them even more accessible. Have you tried anything from this brand yet? Let me know! Until next time, stay beautiful!

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