MySpirit perfumes ~ gift idea for everyone in your life

MySpirit perfume

This is the third post I’m writing this year about MySpirit perfumes and I think it’s the last one for the year – although I’m not making any promises for 2018. I wrote a post introducing this Slovenian perfume brand in the late spring – you can read it *here*. Then, I did a lovely summer post about their perfume necklace – which I still wear at least a couple of times per week – that you can find *here*. Today, I want to discuss another cool idea they came up with that I find perfect for the upcoming holidays (by the way – I’m SO excited about December being just around the corner, how about you???).

Basically, giving a present can seem a bit impersonal at times, even if you put a lot of thought into it. It’s also quite a difficult task because you need to know the fragrances and the notes that your loved ones enjoy. But a quick peek around their bathroom can usually do the trick. As you surely know by now, you can find exact dupes of the most popular scents with MySpirit. But they took it a step further and you can personalize your gift with a sticker, showing that you were really thinking about this person when you were buying them the perfume.

MySpirit perfume stickers

At the moment, there are 12 different stickers available in their *online store* and you get them together with your perfume of choice. They can be sorted into general categories, but some – like *Thank you* – can be used on a number of occasions and for various different loved ones in your life.

MySpirit perfume personalized Thank you

Personally, I already used the *N.1 husband* sticker, the *I’m thinking about you* sticker and the *Best mom in the world* sticker in the past. This Christmas season, I’ll probably use some other ones as well. I really like giving my gifts a personal touch so I think this is a great idea.

MySpirit perfume personalized

All of these packages include 50ml perfumes so the price is really great in my opinion, especially since the perfumes are amazing! The concentration of fragrance in each is about 13-15 % (whereas a regular Eau d’ toilette only has about 4-8 % concentration), they are long-lasting and come in great little bottles that are travel-friendly and fit into any purse.

Are you already thinking about the presents for the upcoming holiday season? I’m already writing down ideas and I can’t wait to put the first presents under our Christmas tree!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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