Urban Decay is coming to Slovenia! What products would I recommend and what’s on my wishlist?

Urban Decay products

In the past year, quite a few new beauty brands entered Slovenian market. Brands, we’ve lusted for, shopped online and generally tried every trick in the book to get our hands on them. Now, we’re finally getting Urban Decay into Muller stores and personally, I’m very excited. Today, I want to show you some of my favorite Urban Decay products that I use most often.

Urban Decay Naked palette

urban decay Naked palette

Let’s start with the cult classic –  Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette (or, as it’s known on the streets, Naked 1). I don’t think there are many women out there who haven’t heard of this palette yet. Soft, almost creamy shadows with great pigmentation offer countless options and combinations. You can create a simple daytime look or an evening smokey eye. In the entire palete, my favorite shades are Gunpowder and Smog, but I use almost all equally, meaning it was a good purchase.


urban decay Naked palette

For around 50€, you’ll be getting a quality palette with a decent mirror, a very good two-sided brush and 12 pans of eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay ultimate basics palette

This palette is somewhat different since it’s all matte eyeshadows. I bought it in 2016 when we were riding high on the matte trend wave, but I still use it to this day in combination with some shimmers from other palettes. Compared to the Naked palette, you’ll find a few more cool toned eyeshadows in here, but I’m really excited about the large selection of transition shades. It’s definitely an unique palette, worth the purchase. My favorite color in the palette is the burnt orange Extra bitter that goes great together with golden shades.

Urban Decay ultimate basics palette open

This palette is a bit more expensive, so around 55€. besides the great palette with a huge mirror, you’ll also be getting a two sided brush as well.

Urban Decay Comfort Matte Vice lipstick

urband decay vice lipstick 1973

Lipsticks that offer total comfort an the lip and a matte finish at the same time are hard to come by. Urban Decay Vice Comfort matte lipsticks are definitely one of those. They have a wonderful matte finish, wear beautifully, have quite a good staying powder and are available in 29 great shades. This was also the first lipstick I ever used up completely – a lovely shade Hideaway. Now, I have a new comfort matte in the shade 1993 – a nice warm brown color.

urband decay vice lipstick 1973 portrait

Besides the matte formula, Urban Decay lipsticks also come in mega matte, metal, cream, sheer and sheer shimmer formula as classic bullet lipsticks. You can also find a great range of liquid Vice lipsticks in the collection. Prices go around 15 to 20€. For that, you’ll be getting about 3g of lipstick and a gorgeous bullet that will be the talk of the town. I appreciate Urban Decay’s move to put a colored sticker on the bottom of the bullet – this way, I know exactly what I’m reaching for in the morning.

Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray

urban decay de-slick make-up setting spray

I wrote a whole post about Urban Decay De-slick oil control setting spray a couple of years ago. You can find it that *here* so I won’t be repeating myself too much. It’s a unique formula that makes your make-up last longer by influencing its temperature – quite an interesting idea, to say the least. Since my skin got more dry during pregnancy, I’ve been using it less in the place of a fixing spray. Now, I use it more when I apply a lot of products on my face and get that slightly cakey look. The de-slick setting spray really settles everything down into the skin and gives it a more natural appearance.

I’m currently on my third bottle and the packaging has been revamped since I last bought it. There are a few more finishing sprays in the line (All-nighter and Chill) and also some prepping sprays with different ingredients, such as collagen or vitamin B6. Prices range between 25 and 35€ and there are travel sizes available, if you want to test it out first.

What’s on my wishlist?

You can imagine I have more then one thing on my wishlist. I’ve been eyeing the cream Vice lipstick in the shade Crisis for a while now. I also never played around with their liquid face products before so I’m excited to try the All-nighter waterproof concealer and invest in the liquid foundation if I’m happy with it. I’m definitely also going to grab an Urban Decay Velvetizer powder that can be mixed into any liquid foundation to get a wonderful satin finish. I used to use the 24/7 Glide-on pencil in Zero and now I see that a matte version called perversion is also available. I think it will be perfect for tightlining my eyes. Last but not least – I haven’t had a new high-end bronzer in forever, so I’m adding the Urban Decay Beach Bronzer in the shade Bronzed to the mix.

What’s your all time favorite Urban decay Product? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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  1. 28. 1. 2018 / 19:12

    Tudi jaz se izjemno veselim njihovega prihoda v slovenske Mullerje. Upam, da bo na voljo v vseh ta večjih Mullerjih po Slo.
    Sicer nimam veliko izdelkov od UD, ampak vsi do sedaj so mi odlični in pri nobenem ne obžalujem nakupa – Setting spray All-nighter, primer potion, 24/7 glide-on svinčnik, Naked 1 paleta..
    Sem pa najbolj zvesta uporabnica njihovega 24/7 glide-on črnega svinčnika v odtenku Perversion. Kupujem ga redno že kakšni dve leti. Noro obstojen v waterlineu, kremast, odlično pigmentiran..edino res se porablja precej hitro. Ampak ker mu noben drugi črn svinčnik za waterline ne seže do kolen (preizkusila sem že malo morje različnih – drugstore, ali HE), mu oprostim hitro porabo in visoko ceno. 🙂 Tako da ti vsekakor priporočam, da ga čimprej prečrtaš iz svoje wishliste, ne bo ti žal. :))

    • Maša Muster
      1. 2. 2018 / 14:03

      Ja, tale liner bo definitivno mj 🙂 Moram priznati, da sem bila z večino izdelkov tudi jaz do sedaj zelo zadovoljna in se zelo veselim prihajajočega shoppinga 🙂