Wishlist #1 January 2018 ~ skincare and make-up

beauty wishlist january 2018

Today, you’ll be reading the first of 12 wish lists I will post in 2018. I get a lot of PR e-mails and follow many brands, meaning I’m usually lusting after quite a few products. It doesn’t mean that I’ll necessarily buy everything on the list, but a girl can dream, right?

beauty wishlist january 2018

1 Bobbi Brown Extra Repair serum promises to refresh and calm the skin, giving it the extra hydration our skin needs in these cold days with the dry air. Apparently, it also helps with redness, dry spots and breakouts – issues that I know too well. It’s super expensive, but based on all of the reviews I’ve read so far it’s worth the money.

2 The Body Shop Metal Liquid Lipstick – Russet Copper. I’ve tested The Body Shop matte liquid lipsticks (review is waiting for you *here*) and now, I’ve got my eye on the metal liquid lipsticks. They are available in six shades and this one in Russet Copper is my absolute favorite of the bunch.

3 Catrice California in a box bronzer & blush palette. This brand has a big launch coming in January as a preview of their permanent collection for the SS 2018. I think that after years of matte, matte and matte, it will be fun to dive into metals, holographics and shimmers. I love the idea of being able to use all of the products matte or simply top them off with some shimmer for added BAM!

4 Natura Siberica Northern Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing. When I first saw this product, my jaw dropped. I’m currently using (and loving!) the Natura Siberica Moisturizing Foam Eye Make Up Remover – I promise the post is coming really soon. As I’m really trying to make a nice transition to natural brands, I’m always on the hunt for something new. Northern Soap is made with active charcoal and promises, among other things, to increase elasticity. It’s also a natural antiseptic and toner. So basically, you’re getting 3-1 for the same price.

5 Avon Mark Concealer. As a big fan of the Avon Mark line, I’m always on the hunt for new products from the line. It’s secretly one of my goals in life to own enough Avon Mark products to be able to do a full face of make-up only with those. So adding a concealer is a step in the right direction.

beauty wishlist january 2018

6 Storybook Cosmetics Gunmetal Wizard Wands Brush set. The Storybook Cosmetics is a new addition to Beauty Bay online store and I fell  in love with these brushes at first glance. As a huge fan of Harry Potter, I’m more then willing to spend just over 50€ on five eye brushes. They also have other crazy designs so definitely check them out!

7 Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive. I’m kicking myself for not ordering this during Black friday sales, so now I’ll just have to pay the full price. I though I could live without it until I saw swatches of my beautiful Maestra Parokeets. Now, I know better and I’m just waiting for it to come back in stock on Licila.si.

8 The Body Shop Moisturizing Essence Skin Defence SPF 50 PA+++ will hopefully be my next SPF. I’m running out of Mommy SPF (link *here*) and I really want to try something that’s available in Slovenia. Besides that, The Body Shop is a great brand and I’m happy to support them and their vision with cash out of my pocket. This SPF boasts protection against UVA and UVB rays and also contains extracts of red algae and vitamin C to improve brightness of the skin

9 Orca Green Tea sheet mask. This mask contains 95 % of aloe vera extract and 5 % of plant cellulose that helps with intense hydration. I’ve been on the hunt for really good sheet masks lately so these are definitely close to the top on my wish list.

10 La Roche Posay Serozinc. I’m already a proud owner of this products but I’m just about to finish the entire bottle, so I’ll definitely repurchase it when the time comes. I wrote a whole post about it *here*.

I think that the wishlist this month is a really nice mix of skincare and make-up, exactly what I want my shopping to look like in 2018. Is there anything on here that you’d like to try for yourself? Until next time, stay beautiful!

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