10 PR products I’d buy with my own money

PR products best PR products

On this sunny Monday, I wanted to share a nice upbeat post. I went through my beauty stash and chose 10 PR products which I would  definitely buy myself. Basically, they are all really great products I enjoy using and will continue to use. I will also probably repurchase many of them.

PR product #1: La Roche-Posay Serozinc

PR products La Roche-Posay Serozinc

La Roche-Posay Serozinc has been helping me calm my skin after shaving or going at small pimples on my face. It also works great under make-up. I already almost used up one bottle and I already have a new one in stock. You can read my opinion and opinion of two of my readers about it *here*.

PR product #2: L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere eau de toilette

PR products L'Occitane Terre De Lumiere

L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere line is inspired by morning dawn. Personally, I find this to be a fresh and gentle fragrance very appropriate for upcoming spring and summer days. If you prefer stronger and more exotic fragrances, I suggest you check out the perfume from this Terre De Lumiere line.

PR product #3: Dr. Organic purifying shampoo with activated charcoal

PR products Dr. Organic shampoo with activated charcoal

I recently tested the Dr. Organic shampoo and balm with tea tree oil and really liked it a lot. Right now, I’m testing the entire line of Dr. Organic products with activated charcoal. I’m most impressed with the shampoo that really cleans my hair really well (you know that squeaky feeling that really clean hair get?) and prolongs the time between washes from two to three days.

PR product #4: Vichy Slow Age daily moisturizer

PR products Vichy Slow Age daily moisturizer

The Vichy Slow Age inspires me with the slow life philosophy which tells us to live happy and healthy. At the same time, they say it doesn’t mean we have to look the same at 25 and 45 years, like some other brands try to convince us. With my Slow Age daily moisturizer, I take some me time in the morning, apply it to a clean face and drink my lemon water while I wait for it to absorb. The cream is rich enough to feed and protect my skin during the day and still appropriate to wear under make-up. I won’t even start talking about the jar and the colors – beautiful, right?

PR product #5: Melvita L’Or Bio golden oil

PR products Melvita L'Or Bio golden oil

Melvita L’Or Bio golden oil has been a staple in my beauty routine for quite some time now. I use it on my face, hair, on my dry feet and elbows, to soften up the cuticles… there are almost infinite options of use. Besides the great texture and rich formula with five different oils, it never stops surprising me with the lovely fragrance. You can read more about it *here*.

PR product #6: L.O.V powder brush

PR products L.O.V make-up brush

This L.O.V powder brush convinced me at the moment we met. Not only does it look beautiful (which is less important but I still like looking at pretty products first thing in the morning), it’s also really soft and great at picking out any powder product. It’s large enough to use all over the face but I also occasionally use it for bronzer or blush.

PR product #7: Paese mattifying make-up base

PR products Paese mattifying primer

Paese mattifying base for about six months now and I’m slowly running out. With all the primers in my collection, this is another proff of how special this product really is. When applied, it creates a soft, velvety feeling to the skin and works great with almost all foundations. I apply the majority of the product on my forehead where I get the most oily. This primer does a great job of controling that.

PR product #8: Avon Mark Magix HD finishing powder

PR products Avon Mark Magiq HD powder

Avon Mark Magiq HD finishing powder is one of those products that have become a staple in my beauty collection. The formula is very light, clings well to the brush, mattifies the skin and doesn’t leave a white cast like some other finishing powders. It gets extra points for not having any smeel. I get quite artistic when applying my finishing powder and with the dust flying everywhere, this is an important topic for me.

PR product #9: Max Factor Lash Crown mascara

PR products Max Factor Lash Crown mascara

Today, I’m showing you this particular Max Factor Lash Crown mascara for the last time. It’s been six months since I started using it so it’s time to throw it away and go buy a new one. I think it’s the first mascara I ever completely used up before it dried up. This innovative brush makes sure that I don’t apply too much formula. The small brush on the other side makes it easy to coat the bottom lashes and the smaller lashes in the inner corner. You can read more about it *here*.

PR product #10: L.O.V Lipaffair Color&Care Brave Nudes lipstick (Angelina’s belief)

PR products L.O.V Brave Nudes Angelina's Belief

It’s only April but I already suspect that the L.O.V Color&Care Brave Nudes lipstick in the shade Angelina’s Belief will end up being my favorite bullet lipstick of 2018. It’s a strongly pigmented lipstick that feels very light on the lips. It has good staying power for a classical lipstick but doesn’t dry up the lips at all. This shade is pink with a slight coral undertone. I think it would look good with any skin tone.

These are the 10 PR products that impressed me so much I would happily buy them myself. Did you try any of them already? Until next time, stay beautiful!

Blogmas 2017 #11: Simple hair care routine and best products of 2017

simple hair care routine

My bathroom and cabinet are filled with skincare and make-up but for some reason, I manage to keep my haircare products in check. I don’t have a very sensitive scalp or any particular hair issues so I can afford the luxury of constantly trying out new products that enter the market.

Simple hair care routine – shampoo and conditioner

simple hair care routine L'Oreal Elseve L'Occitane

I always start with shampoo and continue with conditioner. For a while, people were saying to apply conditioner beforehand and I tried that a couple of times. Honestly, I didn’t see any difference. I try to wash my hair with lukewarm water whenever possible. This year, my #1 choice of shampoo and conditioner was the L’Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Clay purifying shampoo and conditioner. I’ve gone through three bottles of each and couldn’t bring myself to use many other shampoos instead of these. They have a great smell, the shampoo really felt purifying and the conditioner left my hair super soft and less frizzy.

Once every few weeks, I also apply the L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub – I wrote a whole post about it *here* for those of you who want to know more. In short, it’s a cleansing shampoo to really get rid of all the build-up on your hair. I’d definitely recommend the investment since you’ll be hard pressed to use this 150ml bottle in 12 months.

Simple hair care routine – hair luxuries

simple hair care routine Avon leave in conditioner

My all-time favorite hair-care product is the Avon Advanced Techniques Quick Touch leave-in conditioner. I swear that I have been using about 3 bottles of this for the past five years at least, perhaps more. It’s definitely not the most luxurious product based on ingredients (perfume and alcohol are very high up there) but for some reason, this makes my hair look like silk. I can apply it all over my hair and scalp without having to worry about any greasiness or weighed down hair. A product I absolutely adore and costs next to nothing.

simple hair care routine L'Oreal

Another product I discovered this year (year of oils, remember?) is the L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil. This is a mixture of silicones and oils and, when applied sparingly to the roots, makes your hair look soft and silky. I use it on my ends whenever I’m late with a hairdresser appointment and it really masks the fact that my ends are already split.

Simple hair care routine – new products for 2018

simple hair care routine Olaplex

In the following year, I’m very excited to try out some new products. First is the Olaplex #3 for home use. I always get Olaplex full treatment in my hair salon, but I’ve actually never tried their products on my own. Somehow, the idea of Olaplex always seemed super professional to me and therefore something that you cannot attempt on your own. Turns out, it’s really as simple as any other conditioner, so I can’t wait to give it a proper go!

simple hair care routine Vichy Dercos Densi-Solutions

I’m also really excited to try the new Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions thickening balm, shampoo and concentrate. This new Vichy line is promising visibly stronger and denser looking hair that also looks softer. I’m excited to see how it will work for my hair.

What were your hair care favorites of 2017? I’ll be happy to find out about them and perhaps add some more to my wishlist! Until next time, stay beautiful!

Top 10 autumn beauty products

autumn beauty products

Today, I’d like to share 10 beauty products that are entering my skincare routine this autumn and that I’m personally very excited about.


autumn beauty products Vichy The Ordinary

Heating takes its toll on my skin and I often notice it becoming more dehydrated and the pores getting more and more enlarged – almost as if they’re trying to suck all the moisture out of the air? This year, I’ll be battling the dehydration with The Ordinary 2 % hyaluronic acid. This acid is normally present in our skin but we can replace it when we feel that our body cannot hold enough moisture. Don’t forget to lock it in place with an oil based product, be it a cream or a pure facial oil – my favorite right now is Yanumi! I’m also bringing back the Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask that comes in this nifty two-use packaging. It contains two mineral clays and I always feel like it sucks the impurities right off my face. I usually buy my Vichy products at the pharmacy.


autumn beauty products L'Occitane Terre de Lumiere L'Oreal Mythic Oil

L’Occitane is always present in my skincare. In autumn days, I prefer heavier scents and oily shower gel since I fell they give more moisture to my skin. This fall, I’ll be using the L’Occitane Terre de Lumiere shower gel that comes from the perfume line Terre de Lumiere. The perfume itself is a bit strong for me, but the shower gel and body lotion have a more gentle smell which is very pleaseant. Another product that is always in my routine is the L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil. I always apply some to my hair while they’re wet. Ocasionally, I’ll warm a few drops between my fingers and apply them to the ends of my hair when they feel particularly dry. After use, my hair are soft and shiny.


Catrice Brown Collection autumn beauty products

If you haven’t had enough of the Catrice Brown Collection polishes on my Instagram, here they are again. These are not colors that I’d wear in the summer but the earthy tones are perfect for fall and winter. I have three out of five shades in the collection – left to right they are 01 Fashion Addicted, 03 Goddess of Bronze and 02 Sophisticated Vogue. The formula is quite thick so one coat will do. I like that because it usually means my manicure will last a bit longer.


autumn beauty products Golden Rose Paese, Trend it Up, Physician's formula

I like my make-up to be a bit softer in the colder months. Although the Physician’s Formula MuruMuru Butter Bronzer smells like coconut and reminds me of summer, it’s still lighter then most of my bronzers and gives me that slightly sunkissed look. I’ll also be reaching for Golden Rose highlighting stick (Bright gold). This cream highlighter is really soft and blends out beautifully. If I’m going for a more striking look, I’ll apply it twice, but otherwise two gentle sweeps on top of the cheekbones will do the job. Don’t forget – always apply cream products before setting your face, otherwise it can look quite unnatural.

In the summer, I barely use any blush, but now the Trend It Up powder blush (020) is making a comeback to my everyday make-up routine. The formula of these blushes is great, very gentle and blends out nicely. On top of that, the price is great as well. Last but not least, let’s not forget about a good primer. I usually stay away from silicone primers in the summer (since they do nothing for wear time of my foundation), but I tend to like them in the colder months. Paese make-up base is the first one on my list. Paese is a polish brand that’s been impressing me with their products lately and this primer is definitely one of them!

autumn beauty products


autumn beauty products autumn lipstick colors

When speaking of autumn lips, I think of darker colors, but I also like to include at least one shade that I can just pop on and leave the building. This time, this will be the job of Avon lipstick (Extreme Mauve) which is a nice pink shade but not too crazy to wear around the office. Among reds, I chose the NYX Gloss (True Red). For special occasions and walks around town, I’ll go for the Catrice by Dawid Tomaszewski in the shade C01. These are great lipsticks for a great price!

autumn beauty products autumn lipstick colors

These are the products that I’m going to be using for the next couple of months. Have you tried any of them yet? I’d also love to hear about at least one product you cannot imagine autumn without. Until next time, stay beautiful!

L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

During the summer I often feel like my scalp gets really messy, really fast – even faster than in the winter time. I can confirm that because I spent a week cooped up inside during a recent cold and my hair was still in reasonable shape after a week of not washing it. Otherwise, it gets greasy really fast. If we add the layers of hair oils and sprays, sea salt and other dirt into the mix, it’s instantly clear why a cleansing shampoo such as the L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub should be a staple in every bathroom.

Product that will change your hair care routine

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

This year, I chose the L’Occitane revitalizing  fresh cleansing scrub (150ml, 23,50 €). It’s a cream scrub with particles of sea salt. I apply it directly to the scalp and really rub it well in so that the sea salt can improve the microcirculation in the scalp. Then, I add plently of water so that the product foams and I wash the rest of my hair with that foam. It can be used before shampooing or instead of a regular shampoo.

Essential oils for a refreshing feeling

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub contains five essential oils – lavender, thyme, grapefruit, cedar and mint. The latter can be “blamed” for the incredibly fresh feeling that remains on the scalp long after use. I can best describe it as pointing a fan directly at your wet head. I find the feeling invigorating, especially during these warm summer days.

Fresh scalp and clean hair

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

I was impressed with the L’Occitane scrub after the first use. The hair felt really clean (so clean it was “squeaking” under my fingers) and stayed soft and shiny for a longer period of time. I can now extend the time between washes to every four days which saves me quite a bit of time. Naturally, I didn’t use it while on vacation because I was washing my hair every day as it was, but now, sitting in the hell-hole called Ljubljana, this scrub is a staple that cannot be missing from my haircare routine. If you haven’t used this or a similar product yet, I’d highly recommend you try it out. Until next time, stay beautiful!

*I purchased the product myself. All opinions are mine and mine alone, the brand cannot influence them in any shape or form.


Grazia beauty awards 2017 – Slovenija


Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Leto je naokrog in revija Grazia je ponovno podelila “lepotne nagrade” najboljšim lepotnim izdelkom. Verjamem, da žirantke (dr. Metka Adamič, Ajda Sitar z bloga Ajda’s, lepotna urednica Grazie Alenka Birk, Alenka Mirt (ki je sedaj pravzaprav Alenka Kesar), Martina Vrhovnik, Ana Gregorič in Bernarda Marovt) niso imele enostavnega dela, saj so morale preizkusiti na desetine izdelkov. Verjamem, da ste glasovale tudi bralke in s tem pomagale izbrati svoje najljubše izdelke. Pogledamo, kateri so zmagovalci in za katere izdelke sem glasovala sama? V vsaki kategoriji spodaj sem z rdečo barvo označila svoj izbran izdelek, z zlato barvo pa zmagovalni izdelek. Če je zmagal izdelek, za katerega sem glasovala tudi sama, potem rdeče oznake ni in je samo zlata.

Hvala reviji Grazia za prijazno posredovanje informacij o zmagovalcih in čudovitih ilustracij zmagovalcev, v katerih lahko sedaj uživaš tudi sama.


Izdelek, ki spremeni življenje: nominirani so bili Artdeco Liquid Camouflage tekoča podlaga, Catrice HD Liquid Coverage, Vichy Dermablend 3D korektivni puder ter Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow osvetljevalec (kratka ocena te čaka *tu*, trenutno pa ga lahko osvojiš tudi v moji nagradni igri na moji Facebook strani).

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017


Party šminka: nominirani so bili Artdeco Ombre lipstick, Essence Shine Shine Shine lip, Catrice Ombre Two tone lipstick, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, Isadora Twist Up Matt lips in Clinique lip pop mate.

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Za popoln ten: nominirani so bili Artdeco set korektorjev Colour Correcting stick (4 svinčniki), Essence Instant Mat Setting Spray, Catrice Light&Show contouring blush, Max Factor Miracle Touch, Bourjois healthy mix, Rimmel Fresher skin, Isadora Cover up foundation in Vichy dermablend korektivna podlaga.

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Za uau trepalnice: nominirani so bili Artdeco maskara Color&Care, Lux Factor eyelash serum, Essence The False Lashes mascara Extreme Volume & Curl, Catrice Rock Couture maskara (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*), Max Factor false lash epic, Rimmel Wonderful maskara, Bourjois Volume reveal maskara ter Isadora Built Up Extra volume maskara

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Izdelek za nohte: nominirani so bili Artdeco instant repair, Essence colour boost, Catrice Soft Blossom, Rimmel Super Gel, Isadora second nail, Zoya fast drops in Catrice Iconails (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*).

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

All in one izdelek: nominirani so bili Artdeco 3v1 fixing spray, Essence my must haves palette (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*), Catrice The Nude Blossom eyeshadow palette (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*) ter Isadora BB krema.

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