As a beauty blogger, I sometimes get opportunities that I would not otherwise get – and sometimes, I get to visit places I probably wouldn’t find by myself. Last Friday, I had an amazing experience I want to tell you about.

On a gloom, rainy day, Tara, Gabi and I set of from Ljubljana via Kranjska Gora (more specifically, Gozd Martuljek) for an adventure. Greeted by sun on our arrival, we were in good spirits that were lifted even more by the kind and warm welcome from our hosts in Hotel Špik – Simona and Gordana.

Our hosts welcomed us in the Alpine wellness which, I’ll admit, I never heard of before I got the invitation for the event. First, we grabbed a bite of food to eat while Simona explained the concept of Alpine wellness to us. The food was organic and mostly made from home-grown ingredients. This is not a coincidence because healthy food represents one of the key benchmarks of wellness along with relaxation, beauty, cosmetics and nurturing the soul.

Do you see those cool drinks on the far right? They are made with glacier water which is pretty cool in my opinion. The hotel discovered a well in 2015 and after some analysis it became evident that this water is super clear since it doesn’t enter the ecosystem. They use it for pools and for different wellness rituals for face and body. I also got a feel for it, but more about that later.

The Alpine wellness in Hotel Špik is really unique and I can really imagine coming here with my girlfriends or for a hen night. There are five rooms through which you slowly move: confidence, love, creativity, harmony and love.

Since I lead a pretty unhealthy lifestyle with a lot of stress, lack of sleep and many skipped (and often not the healthiest) meals, I’m prone to compensating for it with supplements which are easy and quick to take and really do make a difference to how I feel and how I look.

I’ve always been attracted to supplements that also offer visible results and the one that really stands out to me is MSM. MSM (Methylsulfonymethane, if you care) is a natural form of organic sulfur. It’s beneficial for the formation of tissues such as red cells, muscles, skin, nails and hair, while it also helps regulate the hormonal balance and the immune system. Some also call MSM the mineral of beauty.

So yes – skin, hair and nails. As I’ve mentioned in pretty much every post in recent history, all of these have taken the turn for the worse during my pregnancy and it’s time to get them back into shape!

That being said, MSM doesn’t exactly taste great by itself, so I was excited to find out that a smoothie bar in Ljubljana in Bavarski Dvor, Zdrav’ko Dren (click!) partnered up with the online store and now offers a smoothie with Malinca BeautyMix that contains MSM and Camu Camu that is a great source of Vitamin C. View Full Post

I have a long lasting affair with Curaprox products. Although I have gone through the first three decades without any problems with my teeth whatsoever (knock on wood), I do contribute a large amount of that luck to the time I invest in dental hygiene and the products I use. Curaprox has been recommended to me by my dentist and I think it’s worth every cent that you pay for their products.

At the Beauty Bloggers Meetup, I received the Curaprox Superduo which includes a CS 5460 ultra soft brush and the CPS prime inter-dental cleaner. You can get yours here for 5,92 €. Considering you will be able to use it for about 3 months, it really is a bargain deal.

Anyway, I immediately opened my package since I haven’t seen this type of inter-dental cleaner before and wanted to try it out. But when doing so, I noticed this great pun in the back I want to share with you.

I love that the set also comes with very detailed instructions. If you’ve never used inter-dental brush before, it can be really handy to check out the instructions beforehand. And be prepared to find some unpleasant truths about your teeth – I know I was quite shocked a few years back, but I’ll spare you the details and let you figure it out for yourselves. View Full Post