Empties #8 (hair & body care)

It’s been almost six months since my last empties. The results are tragic – a full bag of empty product, so many that I cannot possibly fit them into one post. Today, you can read all about my hair and body care products. This post will be followed by skincare and make-up empties in the following week. Let’s jump right into it.

Empties: hair care

empties shampoo loreal elseve

I haven’t been very good when it comes to shampoos because I’ve been loving the L’Oreal Elseve Extraodinary Clay&Purifying shampoo and conditioner so much. Again and again, I’m amazed how clean, shiny and fresh my hair feels after use. I especially like the fact that it prolongs the time during washes for a day, if not more. I’m now on my fourth pack of these. On the other hand, I wasn’t too impressed with Precious Argan shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t like the scent and my hair got greasy very quick. Wouldn’t repurchase either of them.

empties shampoo nivea pantene briogeo

I was also relatively pleased with the Nivea Care & targeted care shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. My hair was soft and more manageable, but products for dry hair really shouldn’t be used by those of us who have problems with greasy scalp. I should have paid more attention to that. I also used up two samples of Briogeo Don’t despair, repair hair mask and didn’t find them to be revolutionary. In fact, they didn’t do anything that a regular conditioner can’t do. Last but not least, I also used up the Pantene Aqua Light shampoo which was good for my hair but made my scalp itchy and dry.

Empties: body care

empties shower gel nivea afrodita just

I generally forget to save up shower gels, but I really wanted to show you these two – Nivea Waterlily & Oil and Afrodita Sweet almond oil gel. They are similar in the sense that they both lather up nicely and have a wonderful smell. I would repurchase those but I need to get through my stock of Afrodita shower gels before that. I also used up what is probably my tenth bottle of Just Intimate Gel. It’s not irritable and I think that’s extremely important when it comes to personal hygiene.

empties deodorants nivea le couvent des minimes dolce gabbana

Last but not least – deodorants. All three have been lying in my empties bag for months, since I’m now a religious user of Mirta deodorant (you can read all about it *here*). I cannot many nice words about the Nivea Pure&Natural deodorant except for the fact it doesn’t contain aluminium salts. It didn’t fare well when it comes to body odor. I could probably say the same about the Dolce&Gabbana Light blue deodorant, but I only used this on special occasions and didn’t put it through as many paces. On the other hand, I have only nice words for the Le Couvent Des Minimes deodorant with essential oils. It did the job and I personally think it’s worth the money, since it took months to use it up.

If you used any of the product above, I’d love to hear your opinion about them. Until next time, stay beautiful!

What’s in my beach bag 2017

Summer is fast aproaching and the days when we hit the beach are so close I can almost smell them. Thinking back, the contents of my beach bag changed a lot in the past few years. Waterproof mascara was replaced by a pacifier, BB cream by a small float. Naturally, the way I spend my days at the seaside changed as well – hitting the bars or restaurants directly on the way from the beach is out of the question now since baby M has his own ideas on how we’ll run the show. That doesn’t make our vacation bad – just different, and I’m sure all the mothers out there will agree. Anyway, I wanted to show you the products that will surely be hiding in my beach bag this summer.

Poletje je tik pred vrati in kmalu se bomo vsi odpravili na morje. Če pomislim nekaj let nazaj, se je vsebina moje torbe za na plažo res spremenila, saj se zdaj namesto vodoodporne maskare v njej skriva duda, namesto BB kreme pa napihljiv čolniček. Seveda se je spremenil tudi moj dopustniški vsakdan – zdaj ne pride več v poštev, da s plaže z mojim zavijeva kar direktno na večerjo ali koktejle, saj ima mali M svoja pričakovanja. Pa ni zato dopust nič slabši – le drugačen, s čimer se boste gotovo strinjale vse mamice. Skratka, spodaj ti predstavljam nujne izdelke, ki poleg poplave igrač letos ne bodo manjkali v moji torbi.

Let’s start with the basics – sun protection. This year, my first line of deffence will be the Eucerin Sun Spray (SPF 30). It’s a transparent spray under pressure that can easily be used for the places that are normally hard to reach. I admit that I’ve really been enjoying the sprays in the past few years because I can apply sun protection super quick – remember that you need to apply it every few hours even if you stay out of the water! Eucerin products are available in all pharmacies. My face will be protected by Afrodita Sun Care (SPF 30) which I’ve spoken about before – it’s a light formula that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a white cast which is why I also use it under my make-up every single day. Last but not least, I’ll continue using Mirta body butter to get some quick tan. You can find more information about this butter and how to use it in my recent post *here*.

Začniva z osnovo – zaščito pred soncem. Letos me bo na plaži ščitil Eucerin Sun Spray (SPF 30). Gre za prozoren sprej pod pritiskom, ki ga povsem enostavno uporabim tudi na težje dostopnih delih telesa, hkrati pa so mi spreji zadnja leta še posebej všeč. saj se pred soncem zaščitim en, dva, tri. Ena steklenička bo ravno dovolj za prvi teden dopusta – ne pozabi, da je treba celotno telo zaščititi vsakih nekaj ur tudi, če vmes ne greš v morje! Eucerin izdelki so na voljo v vseh lekarnah. Moj obraz bo varovala Afrodita Sun Care krema (SPF 30), o kateri sem že govorila, pa vendarle – gre za lahko formulo, ki se hitro vpije in ne pušča belega filma. Afrodita izdelki so na voljo v vseh večjih drogerijah in preko njihove spletne trgovine. Vsak dan jo uporabljam tudi pred ličenjem. Nenazadnje pa bo v moji torbi tudi Mirta maslo za telo, s katerim bom hitreje dosegla tiste nekaj barve, ki jo želim, potem pa se preostanek dopusta skrivala v senci. Več o maslu in o tem, kako ga pravilno uporabljati, si lahko prebereš *tu*.

I hate cold water which is why I rarely venture into the sea more than once or twice per day, but I still love the feeling of being refreshed. I’m happy to report that I’ve found the perfect solution – the Balea Water spray (mine smells like coconut, but there are other scents available) which I can use to spray my face and body and get some chill on! I’m sure that the male side of my family will enjoy it as well, and we’ll smell great! Available in all DM stores. Another products which is never missing in my purse is the Twigs Anti-rub gel. If your thights don’t meet, feel free to skip the following few lines, but if they do, you know that walking in heat can cause some rubbing and even inflammation. This gel is silicone based. I only apply a little on the critical points and I have absolutely no issues walking in even the worse of heat. Twigs gel can be bought at online store Licila.si.

Ker se sama več kot dvakrat dnevno težko spravim v morje (pa ne, da ga ne maram, ampak vedno je tako mrzloooo!), mi prijajo tudi druge oblike osvežitve. Zelo sem vesela, da sem odkrila Balea vodni sprej (moj je z vonjem kokosa, imajo pa še kar nekaj drugih), s katerim lahko na hitro popršim obraz in telo in si zagotovim hitro osvežitev. Prepričana sem, da bo ta dobro dela tudi moškima v mojem življenju, pa še lepo bomo dišali. Ta sprej in njegove bratce lahko kupiš v vsaki DM trgovini. Drugi izdelek, ki že leta ne sme manjkati v moji torbi, pa je Twigs Anti-rub gel. Če se tvoji stegni ne dotikata, lahko naslednjih nekaj vrstic preskočiš, če pa se (in statistika pravi, da si v večini), potem veš, kako neprijetno je drgnjenje suhe kože poleti, ki lahko privede do dejanskih površinskih poškodb. Twigs gel je osnovan na silikonski osnovi – jaz ga na stegna nanesem približno v velikosti lešnika in potem pri hoji tudi v največji vročini nimam nobenih težav. Twigs gel lahko kupiš na Licila.si.

As always, I’ll be bringing my Tangle Teezer along for the ride – it’s the easiest way to keep my wet hair under control. I’ll probably be looking for some hair protecting spray before summer and I promise to report if I find anything good. I’ll also pack up the Mirta Lavender deodorant (read more about it *here*) because I don’t believe we should be torturing people around us with various body odors just because we’re at the beach. You can buy both their tanning body butter and the deodorant from their online store www.mirta.si.

Kot vsako leto me bo tudi letos na plažo spremljal Tangle Teezer, s katerim po kopanju najlažje ukrotim moje lase. Verjetno bom pred poletjem poiskala tudi kakšno zaščito las in obljubim, da bom o njej tudi poročala. V torbi bo tudi Mirta sivkin deodorant (več o njem *tu*), saj mislim, da poletje ni izgovor, da ljudi okrog sebe razveseljujemo s svojimi telesnimi vonjavami, ki jih sploh v vročini ni malo. Tako maslo za telo, kot tudi deodorant sta dostopna preko Mirta spletne trgovine na www.mirta.si.

Last but not least, I’ll also be bringing my L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime lip balm (SPF 25) that nourishes my lips, gives them a hint of red color and also protects them against damaging sun rays. L’Occitane always impresses me with great ideas and I think that lip protection is something we tend to forget about all too often. I’m also really loving the screw-on lid which will prevent the lip balm from opening in the bag, and the nice smell which follows me for hours after application. You can buy the balm at all L’Occitane points of sales and on their online stores.

Nenazadnje pa gre z mano na plažo tudi L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Obarvani balzam za ustnice (SPF 25), ki ustnice lepo nahrani, jim da čisto malo nežno rdeče barve in jih zaščiti pred nevarnimi vplivi sonca. L’Occitane me vsako leto prepriča s kakšno odlično idejo in mislim, da na zaščito ustnic vse prepogosto pozabimo. Dodaten bonus zame je embalaža na navoj, ki preprečuje, da bi se balzam v torbi po nesreči odprl, in pa prijeten vonj, ki me po nanosu spremlja še nekaj ur. Balzam je dostopen v vseh trgovinah in na prodajnih mestih L’Occitane ter na njihovi spletni strani.

These are the basics that certainly won’t be missing from my beach bag this summer. Will you invest in some of these, or do you recommend something that I need besides all of the above? Until next time, stay beautiful!

To so torej osnove, ki v moji torbi letos na plaži ne bodo manjkale. Si boš kaj od naštetega privoščila tudi sama – ali pa je morda še kaj, na kar sem sama pozabila? Do naslednjič, ostani čudovita!

Spring favorites ***** Spomladanski naj izdelki

Even though the weather has been acting up, calendar says it’s spring so the time is ripe for me to show you the products I’ve been enjoying lately. Some have been in my collection for quite a while and some are relatively new. Naturally I’m constantly trying out new products so you can expect a lot of reviews in the following weeks, as well as an exciting giveaway.

Čeprav nam vreme malo nagaja, je pomlad koledarsko že nekaj časa tu in čas je, da ti pokažem izdelke, brez katerih to pomlad ne morem. Nekaj jih je v moji zbirki že kar nekaj časa, nekaj pa je novih pridobitev, v katerih res uživam. Seveda pa ves čas pridno testiram tudi nove izdelke, zato lahko v prihodnjih tednih pričakuješ kar nekaj objav o novostih na našem trgu, pa tudi eno lepo nagradno igro.

My skin has been enjoying L’Occitane concentrate with almond milk which I’m about to run out of. That’s not really an issue though because in the beginning of May, L’Occitane is launching a new almond concentrate with caffeine and almond proteines which promises a firmer skin – just in time for the summer. I think this is probably the fifth (or so) pot of concentrate I’ve used so far so I’ll definitely continue to repurchase it. For keeping my hair damage-free and protected from heat, I’ve been using the Charles Worthington Heat Defence Spray that is applied from the scalp to the roots of my hair before blow-dry. I wash my hair every other day and color it so it’s important to give them quality protection. After a month of use, I’ve really noticed a positive difference in the shine of my hair and less split ends and breaks.

Kožo po telesu trenutno negujem z L’Occitane koncentratom z mandljevim mlekom in lonček bo vsak čas prazen. Še dobro, kajti na police že po prvomajskih praznikih prihaja nov mandljev izboljševalni koncentrat s kofeinom in mandljevimi beljakovinami, ki obljublja bolj čvrsto in napeto kožo – ravno prav za poletje. Glede na to, da je lonček na fotografiji že kakšen peti, ki sem ga porabila v svojem življenju, bom vsekakor izdelku ostala zvesta tudi po prenovi. Za zaščito las pred toplotnimi učinki to pomlad skrbim s Charles Worthington Heat Defence sprejem, ki ga pred sušenjem las nanesem od lasišča do konic. Ker si lase umivam vsak drugi dan in imam od nedavnega ponovno barvane, mi je pomembno, da jim nudim kakovostno zaščito in po mesecu uporabe tega izdelka res opažam razliko v zmanjšanem lomljenju las in njihovem sijaju. View Post


We’ve done best of make-up 2016, now it’s time for skincare. I must say that this year, I’ve been paying more attention to my skin than ever before since I had so many issues with it because of hormonal imbalance during my pregnancy (but the end result is worthy every discoloration and pimple, I promise). I also discovered many new brands and the end result is here.

O najljubših ličilih leta 2016 sem že spregovorila, zdaj pa je čas za negovalne izdelke za nego obraza in telesa. Priznam, da sem moji koži v zadnjem letu posvečala več pozornosti kot kadar koli prej, saj sem imela med nosečnostjo zaradi hormonskega neravnovesja nemalo težav (vendar prisežem, da je končni rezultat vreden vsakega pigmentnega madeža in mozoljčka). Odkrila sem tudi nekaj novih znamk in tu je končni rezultat.

First, let’s talk showers. I absolutely adore cream-to-foam products and the one I’ve been loving the most in the past year is the Senses Asian Spa foaming shower gel in the scent ginger and goji berry. This is actually an Artdeco brand and I first discovered it during summer. I appreciate the scent and also the fact I have to use the smallest amount to get all cleaned up.

Najprej čisto na kratko o najljubšem gelu za tuširanje. Obožujem izdelke, ki se iz kremastih spremenijo v peno in moj najljubši je bil letos Senses Asian Spa foaming shower gel v vonju ingverja in goji jagod. To znamko, ki sodi pod Artdeco, sem prvič odkrila poleti. Poleg super vonja mi je všeč tudi dejstvo, da potrebujem res majhno količino, da se namilim po celem telesu. View Post


Shopping for the men in my life is a challenge, to say the least. It’s not difficult to buy a gift for my hubby since he always needs something – new tires, a nice sweater, a massage or a new “toy” for his workshop. I never run out of ideas. But shopping for my male friends is more difficult since I often don’t know what they need and what they already own, seeing I don’t talk to them about this as I do with my girlfriends.

Nakupovanje za moške v mojem življenju je vsako leto izziv. Mojemu darila ni težko kupiti – vedno kaj potrebuje, pa naj bodo to nove gume, kakšen lep pulover, terapevtska masaža ali pa kakšna nova igrača za njegovo delavnico. Idej mi tu res ne manjka. Težje pa je kupovati za moje moške prijatelje, saj pogosto ne vem, kaj že imajo in kaj potrebujejo, saj se preprosto o tem z njimi ne pogovarjam toliko, kot z ženskami. 

Consequently, I often rely on my gut feeling – I buy something I feel they wouldn’t buy for themselves because they don’t need it that badly. Sometimes, I also buy things that they perhaps already use and a spare won’t do any harm. But in both cases, I try to make sure that I buy things that are actually useful and won’t just gather dust.

Posledično običajno kupujem po občutku – nekaj, kar se mi zdi, da si sami ne bi kupili, ker nujno ne potrebujejo, včasih pa tudi kaj, kar morda že uporabljajo, pa ne bo nič škodilo, če imajo še malo zaloge. Vedno pa se potrudim, da moja darila niso “praholovci” in so dejansko uporabna.

The first gift that completely amazed me this year is perfect for travelers who like to spread their wings and travel the world. Scratch map is a map of the world on which you scratch off the countries you visit – similarly as you would with a scratch card. The goal? To scratch off the entire map, of course! Available in Flat online store (24,95€).

Prvo darilo, ki me je letos čisto navdušilo, je namenjeno vsem popotnikom, ki radi razpnejo krila in se podajo po svetu. Scratch map je zemljevid sveta, kjer lahko države, ko jih obiščeš, podobno kot loterijsko srečko podrgneš s kovancem in razkriješ drugo barvo. Cilj? Seveda – podrgniti cel zemljevid! Slednjega dobiš v Trgovini Flat ali v njihovi spletni trgovini (24,95€). 

Next gift that I will be buying for a few of my friends this year are cosmetics. But not just any cosmetics – these are for their beard! I personally think that men can have beards as long as they take care of them so they don’t itch and scratch on our poor faces. Afrodita’s line Beard Oil includes oil (9,40€), conditioner (3,10€) and beard wax (5,20€). Available in Afrodita online store.

Naslednje darilo, ki ga bom letos podarila kar nekaj moškim, je negovalna kozmetika. Pa ne katerakoli, ampak tista za njihovo brado! Osebno mislim, da naj moški brado kar imajo, vendar pa morajo zanjo skrbeti, da nas ubogih deklet ne pika in praska, se strinjaš? Afroditina linija Beard Oil vsebuje  olje (9,40 €), balzam (3,10 €) in vosek za brado in/ali brke (5,20 €). Izdelke lahko dobiš v vseh večjih trgovinah ali preko spletne trgovine.
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