Look Fantastic Beauty Box – August 2015

After some months, I finally used up most of the products from my previous Look Fantastic boxes and decided it was time to see what they have up their sleeve this time.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a subscription service box (in which case you save a bit of money), but it can also be bought individually for 20,85 €. Generally, one or two out of 5 products in the box already bring the worth to the 21 € mark, but that doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t like the products, now does it? This is what I found inside the August box.

I must say that I really like the pick, since I haven’t used any of these brands except for Rimmel before. I think that this is a real advantage of subscription boxes as well – being able to use samples or deluxe samples (and sometimes even full size products) of brands I would otherwise probably never reach for or even think about, really.

I admit that I’ve already tried both of these products. The left one is Alterna Caviar CC cream – 10 in 1 complete correction leave-in hair conditioner (full size available here for 34,68 €) and the right one is the Beauty Works 10 in 1 Miracle spray (full size available here for 16,66 €), which is also a leave-in conditioner. One thing I have definitely noticed after using either one of these products is that my hair is a bit heavier and shiny – I feel like I’ve just come out of my hair salon. Personally, I’m leaning against the Alterna CC cream, since the smell is not as potent as with Beauty Works spray and I can measure out the product I need more exactly out of the squeeze tube.

I must admit that I’ve never been too curious about the Eve Lombrand, particularly because I’ve seen the prices before and well, let’s just say that they’re a bit out of my range. So I am very excited about this 30 ml sample and the included muslin cloth to see what the hype is about.

The full size is available here for a whooping 76,45 €.

I am really looking forward to trying out different ways of using the Bellapierre shimmer powder in Snowflake. View Post

Look Fantastic Beauty Box – March 2015

The March edition of Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrived a lot faster than the February one and I was so excited to find the package on my desk when I arrived at work. I gave it my all and actually did not go snooping around the internet to see what other people received, so opening it was again a nice surprise.

But before we get into this box, let’s do a quick recap of some products in the February box. Remember this?

I have not yet tackled the Korres Citrus body milk and the Sea Mud cleanser. I absolutely don’t want anything to do with the Bellapierre eye pencil anymore – it’s so hard that I almost poked my eye out a couple of times while tightlining. I am quite disappointed since it was my first mineral eye pencil and I was really excited to receive it at first. Also, I am not impressed by the Monu Illuminating primer. It is very, very sticky and difficult to apply. It also doesn’t seem to extend the lifespan of my foundation or make it go on any smoother. I would not purchase a full size of either of these products.

I can however say that I am almost through with half of the bottle of Moroccanoil. It is an absolutely divine product and I love it. I will however hold on the final verdict until I try the new Kerastase oil I received recently. And finally, I am giving the dr. Pawpaw balm a big thumbs up – I used it for my lips almost every night and they have been looking considerably better than usually. I would definitely repurchase both of these items.

Anyway, let’s get to this month’s box. This is what I found inside.

Again, there were six items in the box, but I only found the last one when I rummaged through it so it’s not on the picture above. Oh well, it happens to the best of us.

Let’s go through the products quickly. I have used some of them already and can actually give my first impressions, which are of course still subject to change. Again, there was a nice booklet in the box as well, giving some information about the products inside.

Beginning with the biggest item in the box, the Wet Brush. It is supposed to easily detangle wet and dry locks, brush out tough knots and tangles. The retail value of this is 7.99 £, so about 11,1 €.

I tried it yesterday and it was OK. But just OK. After combing it a couple of times through my wet hair, I went in with my Tangle Teezer and there were still some knots to be found. I will probably chuck this into my beach bag and not worry about it being stolen, since (sorry, Wet Brush) it looks like something you’d purchase in DM for 2 €. It’s really small and for me, that’s a definite plus. Mind you, my hubby will be pleased as well, since he always ends up carrying my beach bag which is overflowing with stuff I have absolutely not use for at the beach. View Post

Look Fantastic Beauty Box – February 2015

Hello my beauties. I’ve been waiting so long to do this post. It was supposed to happen with my January box, but it got lost in the mail (I had no problems getting the refund), so finally, the February box arrived. What am I talking about? My #LFBEAUTYBOX (Look Fantastic Beauty Box), of course 🙂

So, as the name implies, I got the box from the Look Fantastic website. I actually received it as a part of a (still ongoing) promo – free box when you spend £55 or more. Normally, the box costs £15 (about 20€). There are a minimum of six products per box and it’s usually worth about £50. The March 2015 box looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome – they’re promising a £71,48 value and adding 30 GHD stylers to them. I’m ordering mine today.

Anyway, I got the box at work today and I couldn’t wait to get home and open it.

It’s a nice box, very sturdy and very, very well closed up. I wouldn’t worry about anything spilling or cracking in there. It’s also kind of nifty and could be used for storage.

Upon opening, you are first faced with the product book, featuring a pretty and very photoshopped lady.

And this is what you get inside. There are a ton of these paper noodles, but I actually do like that because it adds another layer of protection. It’s good to go through the box with the booklet, though, so you don’t throw anything away 🙂

I must say that the booklet itself is really quite informative. The only thing I’m missing is the values of the products (or deluxe samples, most of them), which is why I’ll try to do the estimates myself. Each page features one of the products and talks a little about the brand as well. I’m also loving that there’s a “how to” section included where needed. Edit: the Moroccanoil had the value underneath.

Anyway, let’s talk about the products, shall we? Left below we have the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. It’s a 97 % natural exfoliating black soap made from Dead Sea mud. It’s also supposed to stimulate and cleanse the face. I’ll report back on the actual results. Anyway, this tiny sample weighs 0,6 oz and the full size product (50 oz, which is a ridiculous amount of beauty soap) costs a whopping 61,65 €. Hence, this sample is worth about 1 € (mind you, I’m not taking the packaging into account). View Post

My First (AND PROBABLY LAST) Dasbox for November 2014


For all of you beauties out there who have never heard of it, Dashbox is a Slovenian beauty box that promises to “deliver 5 luxury cosmetic products at your doorstep each month” for the price of 10 € per box and additional 2 or 3 € for shipping. I believe that you get some discount if you order for several months in advance and you also gather some Dashbox points that you can use in the online store. Get more info here http://www.dashbox.si/ – or not, whatever.

Anyhow, the moment I opened it I was again like – what is this? And where are my 5 luxury cosmetics products? This is what I found inside.

So let’s do a little recap, shall we? On the far bottom left, we have two 2ml Delarom whitening serum samples. Now this product OK and it really made a difference on my face in the 2 days I used it, but the full size is 54 € and I’m not really sure that it’s worth the money after just two uses. Pass.

Above it, we have a little L’Erbolario sample pack. There is no price value on this, but of course it is sold on the Dashbox online store. I have not yet used these nor am I very interested. Pass.

Right, we have the Greenland Fruit emotions 30 ml hand cream of apparent value of 5 €. Sure, it’s an OK hand cream deluxe sample, but it’s nothing special. And I would never pay that much for a hand cream. Pass.

Then we have the Pièce de résistance of this box, a set of imPRESS nails which is a set of 24 clip-on nails. Now I like the idea since this is something that many of us would like to try and really would not go out and buy, but come on, what is with the color? The last time I wore this kind of pink was in high school and I don’t intend to ever wear it again. Since these nails also come in many other great colors, my wild guess would be that they just bought the color that was not selling in bulk for pennies. I am thinking of doing a first impression with these – is it something you’d be interested in?

Last, we have two little samples of Philip Martin’s organic face cream, again with no value written on them, so basically it’s zero value. It’s an OK cream, but again I would not purchase a premium product (full size is 38 €) based on two uses. Pass.

So let’s get it straight. When you promise me 5 products, I am expecting products. I got one product, one deluxe sample and 7 samplers (3x L’Erbolario, 2x Delarom, 2x Philip Martins) that I could get in any drugstore with my product. I have so many of such products I don’t know where to start using them and I always demand to get at least 7 mini samples for the deluxe products to even start considering spending my money on it. I got 3 mini hand creams last week in L’Occitane just with a purchase of a regular body wash. Amirite or amirite, ladies? What did you think about the Dasbox, if you got it?

This box was a bust. Dasbox thanks, but no thanks. Get better or go fool someone else. The fact that I forgot to even take the box home with me for more than 3 weeks speaks volumes about how excited I was about the products.

Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome.