10 PR products I’d buy with my own money

PR products best PR products

On this sunny Monday, I wanted to share a nice upbeat post. I went through my beauty stash and chose 10 PR products which I would  definitely buy myself. Basically, they are all really great products I enjoy using and will continue to use. I will also probably repurchase many of them.

PR product #1: La Roche-Posay Serozinc

PR products La Roche-Posay Serozinc

La Roche-Posay Serozinc has been helping me calm my skin after shaving or going at small pimples on my face. It also works great under make-up. I already almost used up one bottle and I already have a new one in stock. You can read my opinion and opinion of two of my readers about it *here*.

PR product #2: L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere eau de toilette

PR products L'Occitane Terre De Lumiere

L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere line is inspired by morning dawn. Personally, I find this to be a fresh and gentle fragrance very appropriate for upcoming spring and summer days. If you prefer stronger and more exotic fragrances, I suggest you check out the perfume from this Terre De Lumiere line.

PR product #3: Dr. Organic purifying shampoo with activated charcoal

PR products Dr. Organic shampoo with activated charcoal

I recently tested the Dr. Organic shampoo and balm with tea tree oil and really liked it a lot. Right now, I’m testing the entire line of Dr. Organic products with activated charcoal. I’m most impressed with the shampoo that really cleans my hair really well (you know that squeaky feeling that really clean hair get?) and prolongs the time between washes from two to three days.

PR product #4: Vichy Slow Age daily moisturizer

PR products Vichy Slow Age daily moisturizer

The Vichy Slow Age inspires me with the slow life philosophy which tells us to live happy and healthy. At the same time, they say it doesn’t mean we have to look the same at 25 and 45 years, like some other brands try to convince us. With my Slow Age daily moisturizer, I take some me time in the morning, apply it to a clean face and drink my lemon water while I wait for it to absorb. The cream is rich enough to feed and protect my skin during the day and still appropriate to wear under make-up. I won’t even start talking about the jar and the colors – beautiful, right?

PR product #5: Melvita L’Or Bio golden oil

PR products Melvita L'Or Bio golden oil

Melvita L’Or Bio golden oil has been a staple in my beauty routine for quite some time now. I use it on my face, hair, on my dry feet and elbows, to soften up the cuticles… there are almost infinite options of use. Besides the great texture and rich formula with five different oils, it never stops surprising me with the lovely fragrance. You can read more about it *here*.

PR product #6: L.O.V powder brush

PR products L.O.V make-up brush

This L.O.V powder brush convinced me at the moment we met. Not only does it look beautiful (which is less important but I still like looking at pretty products first thing in the morning), it’s also really soft and great at picking out any powder product. It’s large enough to use all over the face but I also occasionally use it for bronzer or blush.

PR product #7: Paese mattifying make-up base

PR products Paese mattifying primer

Paese mattifying base for about six months now and I’m slowly running out. With all the primers in my collection, this is another proff of how special this product really is. When applied, it creates a soft, velvety feeling to the skin and works great with almost all foundations. I apply the majority of the product on my forehead where I get the most oily. This primer does a great job of controling that.

PR product #8: Avon Mark Magix HD finishing powder

PR products Avon Mark Magiq HD powder

Avon Mark Magiq HD finishing powder is one of those products that have become a staple in my beauty collection. The formula is very light, clings well to the brush, mattifies the skin and doesn’t leave a white cast like some other finishing powders. It gets extra points for not having any smeel. I get quite artistic when applying my finishing powder and with the dust flying everywhere, this is an important topic for me.

PR product #9: Max Factor Lash Crown mascara

PR products Max Factor Lash Crown mascara

Today, I’m showing you this particular Max Factor Lash Crown mascara for the last time. It’s been six months since I started using it so it’s time to throw it away and go buy a new one. I think it’s the first mascara I ever completely used up before it dried up. This innovative brush makes sure that I don’t apply too much formula. The small brush on the other side makes it easy to coat the bottom lashes and the smaller lashes in the inner corner. You can read more about it *here*.

PR product #10: L.O.V Lipaffair Color&Care Brave Nudes lipstick (Angelina’s belief)

PR products L.O.V Brave Nudes Angelina's Belief

It’s only April but I already suspect that the L.O.V Color&Care Brave Nudes lipstick in the shade Angelina’s Belief will end up being my favorite bullet lipstick of 2018. It’s a strongly pigmented lipstick that feels very light on the lips. It has good staying power for a classical lipstick but doesn’t dry up the lips at all. This shade is pink with a slight coral undertone. I think it would look good with any skin tone.

These are the 10 PR products that impressed me so much I would happily buy them myself. Did you try any of them already? Until next time, stay beautiful!

Grazia beauty awards 2017 – Slovenija


Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Leto je naokrog in revija Grazia je ponovno podelila “lepotne nagrade” najboljšim lepotnim izdelkom. Verjamem, da žirantke (dr. Metka Adamič, Ajda Sitar z bloga Ajda’s, lepotna urednica Grazie Alenka Birk, Alenka Mirt (ki je sedaj pravzaprav Alenka Kesar), Martina Vrhovnik, Ana Gregorič in Bernarda Marovt) niso imele enostavnega dela, saj so morale preizkusiti na desetine izdelkov. Verjamem, da ste glasovale tudi bralke in s tem pomagale izbrati svoje najljubše izdelke. Pogledamo, kateri so zmagovalci in za katere izdelke sem glasovala sama? V vsaki kategoriji spodaj sem z rdečo barvo označila svoj izbran izdelek, z zlato barvo pa zmagovalni izdelek. Če je zmagal izdelek, za katerega sem glasovala tudi sama, potem rdeče oznake ni in je samo zlata.

Hvala reviji Grazia za prijazno posredovanje informacij o zmagovalcih in čudovitih ilustracij zmagovalcev, v katerih lahko sedaj uživaš tudi sama.


Izdelek, ki spremeni življenje: nominirani so bili Artdeco Liquid Camouflage tekoča podlaga, Catrice HD Liquid Coverage, Vichy Dermablend 3D korektivni puder ter Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow osvetljevalec (kratka ocena te čaka *tu*, trenutno pa ga lahko osvojiš tudi v moji nagradni igri na moji Facebook strani).

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017


Party šminka: nominirani so bili Artdeco Ombre lipstick, Essence Shine Shine Shine lip, Catrice Ombre Two tone lipstick, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, Isadora Twist Up Matt lips in Clinique lip pop mate.

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Za popoln ten: nominirani so bili Artdeco set korektorjev Colour Correcting stick (4 svinčniki), Essence Instant Mat Setting Spray, Catrice Light&Show contouring blush, Max Factor Miracle Touch, Bourjois healthy mix, Rimmel Fresher skin, Isadora Cover up foundation in Vichy dermablend korektivna podlaga.

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Za uau trepalnice: nominirani so bili Artdeco maskara Color&Care, Lux Factor eyelash serum, Essence The False Lashes mascara Extreme Volume & Curl, Catrice Rock Couture maskara (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*), Max Factor false lash epic, Rimmel Wonderful maskara, Bourjois Volume reveal maskara ter Isadora Built Up Extra volume maskara

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Izdelek za nohte: nominirani so bili Artdeco instant repair, Essence colour boost, Catrice Soft Blossom, Rimmel Super Gel, Isadora second nail, Zoya fast drops in Catrice Iconails (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*).

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

All in one izdelek: nominirani so bili Artdeco 3v1 fixing spray, Essence my must haves palette (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*), Catrice The Nude Blossom eyeshadow palette (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*) ter Isadora BB krema.

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017 View Post

Spring favorites ***** Spomladanski naj izdelki

Even though the weather has been acting up, calendar says it’s spring so the time is ripe for me to show you the products I’ve been enjoying lately. Some have been in my collection for quite a while and some are relatively new. Naturally I’m constantly trying out new products so you can expect a lot of reviews in the following weeks, as well as an exciting giveaway.

Čeprav nam vreme malo nagaja, je pomlad koledarsko že nekaj časa tu in čas je, da ti pokažem izdelke, brez katerih to pomlad ne morem. Nekaj jih je v moji zbirki že kar nekaj časa, nekaj pa je novih pridobitev, v katerih res uživam. Seveda pa ves čas pridno testiram tudi nove izdelke, zato lahko v prihodnjih tednih pričakuješ kar nekaj objav o novostih na našem trgu, pa tudi eno lepo nagradno igro.

My skin has been enjoying L’Occitane concentrate with almond milk which I’m about to run out of. That’s not really an issue though because in the beginning of May, L’Occitane is launching a new almond concentrate with caffeine and almond proteines which promises a firmer skin – just in time for the summer. I think this is probably the fifth (or so) pot of concentrate I’ve used so far so I’ll definitely continue to repurchase it. For keeping my hair damage-free and protected from heat, I’ve been using the Charles Worthington Heat Defence Spray that is applied from the scalp to the roots of my hair before blow-dry. I wash my hair every other day and color it so it’s important to give them quality protection. After a month of use, I’ve really noticed a positive difference in the shine of my hair and less split ends and breaks.

Kožo po telesu trenutno negujem z L’Occitane koncentratom z mandljevim mlekom in lonček bo vsak čas prazen. Še dobro, kajti na police že po prvomajskih praznikih prihaja nov mandljev izboljševalni koncentrat s kofeinom in mandljevimi beljakovinami, ki obljublja bolj čvrsto in napeto kožo – ravno prav za poletje. Glede na to, da je lonček na fotografiji že kakšen peti, ki sem ga porabila v svojem življenju, bom vsekakor izdelku ostala zvesta tudi po prenovi. Za zaščito las pred toplotnimi učinki to pomlad skrbim s Charles Worthington Heat Defence sprejem, ki ga pred sušenjem las nanesem od lasišča do konic. Ker si lase umivam vsak drugi dan in imam od nedavnega ponovno barvane, mi je pomembno, da jim nudim kakovostno zaščito in po mesecu uporabe tega izdelka res opažam razliko v zmanjšanem lomljenju las in njihovem sijaju. View Post

New blog look + A-Z tag!

I have been thinking about getting my blog a new home and a new look. It took a while (a whole month, to be exact), but finally, it’s here! I hope you like the way it looks – I think it’s prettier and much easier to navigate. On the top, you have different categories you can browse through and on the right, you can use search to look for specific things that might interest you. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out although I still have a lot of work to do since all the old posts look a bit different and need a bit of TLC (and computer skills). Hopefully, I will get everything just the way it’s supposed to be in a couple of months.

Že kar nekaj časa sem želela svoj blog preseliti na njegov lasten naslov in mu podariti tudi nov videz. Trajalo je kar dolgo (cel mesec, da smo čisto natančni), ampak končno je tu! Upam, da ti je nov videz všeč – meni se zdi lepši in precej bolj pregleden. Na vrhu lahko najdeš različne kategorije zapisov, na desni pa z iskalnikom lahko poiščeš vse, kar bi te morda zanimalo. Čeprav bo s starimi objavami še kar nekaj dela, saj se jim je videz med prenosom kar precej spremenil, pa sem osebno zelo vesela, da smo že skoraj na cilju. Upam, da bo čez kakšen mesec vse izgledalo tako, kot želim.

While I was sorting through old content, I found an old tag post (almost two years old) that I enjoyed very much and wanted to do it again. I’m talking about the A-Z tag where you choose one favorite brand and one favorite product from that brand for the entire alphabet. I am missing H & I (since I apparently don’t have any favorites for those letters), but other than that – here they are!

Ko sem brskala po starih zapisih, sem našla tag, v katerem sem zelo uživala, zato sem ga želela ponoviti (do takratne objave je namreč že dve leti). Gre za A-Z tag, v katerem za vsako črko abecede izbereš eno najljubšo znamko in znotraj tiste znamke še najljubši izdelek. Priznam, da nisem našla nobenega res dobrega izdelka za črki H & I, ampak vse ostale favorite ti predstavljam tu.

A, B, C, D

Avon has many great products and it was hard to choose one, but I love the color of this Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Minty. It’s similar to Essie Mint Candy, but the formula is better and it stays on my nails for up to a week. Bell Hypoalergenic is a relatively new brand to me but I’m really enjoying the Mat Powder (natural effect) and I’m about to hit pan! It’s a fine tinted pressed powder which makes my skin look flawless but doesn’t cake up on the liquid foundation. Catrice is my favorite drugstore brand and I have a large collection, but the winners in my book are the Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks that are light, well pigmented and not sticky at all. The shades and the packaging are gorgeous as well. Dvorec Trebnik is one of the best Slovenian beauty brands in my opinion and I am really loving this Refreshing toner with hamamelis extract. It’s light, smells nice and really cleans off my skin well

Avon ima mnogo super izdelkov in težko sem izbrala enega, venar pa sem popolnoma zaljubljena v barvo Avon Nailwear Pro+ Minty. Spominja me na Essie Mint Candy, vendar pa je formula Avona po mojem mnenju boljša in se na mojih nohtih obdrži tudi po cel teden. Bell Hypoalergenic je znamka, ki jo šele spoznavam, vendar pa res uživam pri uporabi Mat Powder (natural effect). Gre za fin puder v kamnu, ki mojo kožo naredi čudovito, vendar pa ne ustvari videza maske, ko ga nanesem čez tekočo podlago. Catrice je moja najljubša znamka in moja kolekcija ni majhna, kot svoj najljubši izdelek pa sem izbrala Shine Appeal tekoče šminke, ki so lahke, dobro pigmentirane in niso lepljive. Prav tako mi je zelo všeč pakiranje in izbor barv. Dvorec Trebnik je ena najboljših slovenskih lepotnih znamk in Osvežujoči tonik z izvlečkom nepozebnika lepo diši, je lahek na koži in jo tudi dobro očisti. View Post


We’ve done best of make-up 2016, now it’s time for skincare. I must say that this year, I’ve been paying more attention to my skin than ever before since I had so many issues with it because of hormonal imbalance during my pregnancy (but the end result is worthy every discoloration and pimple, I promise). I also discovered many new brands and the end result is here.

O najljubših ličilih leta 2016 sem že spregovorila, zdaj pa je čas za negovalne izdelke za nego obraza in telesa. Priznam, da sem moji koži v zadnjem letu posvečala več pozornosti kot kadar koli prej, saj sem imela med nosečnostjo zaradi hormonskega neravnovesja nemalo težav (vendar prisežem, da je končni rezultat vreden vsakega pigmentnega madeža in mozoljčka). Odkrila sem tudi nekaj novih znamk in tu je končni rezultat.

First, let’s talk showers. I absolutely adore cream-to-foam products and the one I’ve been loving the most in the past year is the Senses Asian Spa foaming shower gel in the scent ginger and goji berry. This is actually an Artdeco brand and I first discovered it during summer. I appreciate the scent and also the fact I have to use the smallest amount to get all cleaned up.

Najprej čisto na kratko o najljubšem gelu za tuširanje. Obožujem izdelke, ki se iz kremastih spremenijo v peno in moj najljubši je bil letos Senses Asian Spa foaming shower gel v vonju ingverja in goji jagod. To znamko, ki sodi pod Artdeco, sem prvič odkrila poleti. Poleg super vonja mi je všeč tudi dejstvo, da potrebujem res majhno količino, da se namilim po celem telesu. View Post