I heart makeup Black Velvet palette

I noticed that my Blogvember was strangely lacking in make-up reviews, so I decided to switch posts around a little bit and show you the newest addition to my palette collection, the I heart makeup Black Velvet palette.

This palette was also a gift I received at the Beauty Bloggers Meetup from the online store Licila.si which you all know I am a big fan of and their regular customer. You can get the palette here for 10,95 €. And, you know, feel free to look around, they always have great offers and promotions!

Anyway, back to the palette. This is not my first I heart makeup palette and although I am a bit ashamed of the photos in the post about the last one, you can read about my I heart passion palette here.

This palette is very much one I can see myself using each day, since it contains so many different shades, but very few are so bold that I’d skip on them for my everyday look.

I believe that each palette in this world should comply to a few rules: have a couple of shimmers, a couple of mattes or satin shades, a matte black shade and a matte highlighting/base shade. If it fails to meet those rules, I find that I can’t really create a whole look with it and that automatically puts me off.

This palette does all that and more. The 16 eyeshadows offer a lot of variety and remind me a lot of my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette in terms of versatility. View Post