Recent beauty disappointments

As you probably know from your own experience, not everything in sunshine and rainbows in beauty land – every once in a while we all encounter products we expected a lot from but didn’t perform as we hoped for. And since I like to write honest reviews about the products I use, it’s only fair that I also talk about the ones I didn’t like. I will say that I love these brands, just not these products, and while the products did not work for me, you might like them – I am just stating my own personal experience.

Starting off with deodorants which is a frequent topic (read *here* about the two I didn’t get along with recently) on this blog, I am also not in love with the Dove Maximum protection (original clean) anti-perspirant deodorant cream. The formulation is incredibly thick and I can literally feel it clogging my skin up. An anti-perspirant? Sure. Good for me? Most likely not at all.

I heard great things about the Balance Me brand and I was happy when I received the super toning body polish in my Look Fantastic beauty box. The product itself is actually more of a peel than a polish which looks and smells like perfumed walnuts. While it does the job well, my skin is incredibly dry and feels quite damaged after I use it.

Another product from a LF Beauty Box is the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask without parabens, silicones or phalates – so goo free, basically. It promises to reduce breakage for up to 81 % after 3 uses. I must say that I used it more then three times and I don’t see my hair getting any better, or better said, I haven’t noticed any difference at all.

Moving on to make-up, I found another mascara I’m not a fan of, which is quite a common occurrence. It’s the Manhattan Long&Swing mascara. As you can see from the wand shape, it really does curl the lashes nicely, but the formula is quite thin so the curl doesn’t hold. I have quite long lashes so I prefer some volume which unfortunately is not something this mascara was able to do for me.

I also didn’t enjoy the Avon Outstanding eyes dual-ended kohl eyeliner. As you can tell from the swatches, both are quite patchy and the pigmentation is simply not there. I like the idea of dual-ended products, but I would like it to perform a bit better.



Sadly, I also cannot vouch for the Artdeco strobing fluid from their new line. You can see it in the photo above- unblended and blended. Again, this goes on quite patchy and is a pain to blend out, but once blended, I literally can’t even tell I put anything on my face at all. I was expecting a radiant shine, but found it lacking. I would suggest their strobing powder though, it’s simply amazing and highly pigmented.

That’s it for the recent disappointments. Until next time, stay beautiful.