Battle of dry shampoos – Aussie vs. Batiste

OK, OK, it’s not a battle – but it sure sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I did a Battle of the blenders a while ago comparing Real Techniques and Beautyblender sponges (*click*) so I thought I’d stick to the tradition.

Today, I wanted to do a quick comparison of two popular dry shampoos – Batiste Original and Aussie Festival Fresh dry shampoo.

Price and availability

Batiste dry shampoos can be bought at for 4,90 € per bottle (200 ml), while you can get Aussie dry shampoo at Muller drugstore (probably also DM, but I’m not sure about that) for about 4 € per bottle (180 ml).

Packaging and spraying distribution

Well, although Aussie is trying hard to be hip, I still love the retro look of Batiste dry shampoos with the swirls, cherries and flowers they put on their bottles. The distribution of the product is approximately similar with both, but the softer cap on Aussie shampoo makes it a bit easier to control how much product you want to get out. View Post