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Max Factor Lash Crown mascara Brow Contouring kit

There are days, when I only have time to apply some BB cream, do my brows and thrown on a bit of mascara and lip gloss before leaving the house. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care what I look like – it just means that something went wrong in the morning (which does happen with a small child in the house). These steps above are the absolute minimum of my make-up routine and when I’m in rush, I’m looking for products that will never fail me. Therefore, I jumped to the chance to test out the new Max Factor Lash Crown mascara and two new Max Factor Brow Contouring Kit.

Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging. I think that this is one of the most beautiful mascaras I’ve seen in a while and that’s saying something. The sleek golden geometrical top gives it a feel of glamour which is a word I definitely associate with Max Factor in general. Each mascara holds 6,5ml of product and has an expiration date of 6 months, which is a great time frame to really use up the entire product.

Max Factor Lash Crown mascara

The wand is probably the weirdest one I’ve ever encountered on a mascara in my life. I actually had to read the entire PR attached twice to grasp the concept. But once I tried to apply it, it all made sense immediately!

Only about three quarters of the wand’s length are covered with bristles. In the middle of the bristles, there is an empty core so you can see where you’re running out of product on the bristles and where you still have enough product. At the very top, there is a small part that I can best describe as an additional tiny wand, perfect for the lower lashes. It’s a bit much to take in when you first start using it, but after a couple of tries, I got a hang of it and now I can officially say that it’s not a gimmick, but a really great wand!

Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara

There are also two other things that make this mascara stand out in my opinion. The first thing is that it doesn’t apply too much product. It gives nice length and volume, but doesn’t weigh down the lashes which means that with my lashes, the curl holds throughout the day. Secondly, I’m not using a black mascara in this photo – and you couldn’t even notice, could you? It’s actually dark brown and in person, it looks just a little bit softer which is a very pleasant difference to what I’m used to.

The results are great, if I say so myself. I really like that the wand doesn’t deposit too much product on the lashes which means they hold the curl longer. The smaller wand is perfect to get in the inner corner of the eye and to precisely coat the bottom lashes.

All in all, I think the Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara is a great option regardless of what’s troubling you with your lashes – you can achieve length, volume and precise application all at once.

Max Factor Brow Contouring Kit

Max Factor Brow Contouring kit

Personally, I’m not a big fan of any contouring kits because half of the time, I only end up using only a few shades in the kit. This Max Factor brow Contouring kit is different, because at least with my brow color, each shade has its exact purpose!

All of the shades are very well pigmented so keep that in mind before really going at them with the brush. You can use the brush that comes with the kit, but I think that you’ll be better off with a softer and denser brush which will pick up product more evenly. By using a brush with natural bristles, I can really get an even application all over the brow.

Max Factor Brow Contouring kit swatches

This kit can easily be used to create the perfect Instagram brow, but it will also create a natural looking brow which is something I usually go for. I use the darkest shade (far left) to line the bottom of the brown, fill the tail in with the second darkest shade and then start shading with the third, lightest shade once I get closer to the start of the brow. The highlighter can be used under the brow and in the inner eye corner to add some light and dimension to the eyes.

This Max Factor Brow Contouring Kit can be a great addition to your collection, especially if you struggle with finding the right shade. The colors are really easy to blend, meaning that you’ll be able to create your perfect shade.

Max Factor Brow Contouring kit Lash Crown mascara

Both products, along with some other cool new releases, will be available in drugstores soon. What are you most excited about? Until next time, stay beautiful!






Essence SS 2017 and other new products (review&swatches)

Essence has been bringing it lately – really following the latest trends while at the same time making sure that the quality of the products remains solid. And as I mention every single time – with Essence, you really can’t beat the price. I think that the latest SS 2017 release got me more excited than any other I’ve seen before. I noticed a new (and full!) stand in Muller and of course grabbed a couple of products and the next day, Essence Slovenia kindly sent me a couple of bits and pieces as well. If you’re interested to see what I’d recommend, keep on reading!

Essence zadnje čase res pozitivno preseneča – sledijo najnovejšim trendom, obenem pa še vedno skrbijo za dobro kakovost izdelkov. Poleg tega je pri znamki Essence pomembna tudi cenovna dostopnost. Mislim, da se še nobene spremembe pri Essence nisem tako razveselila kot nove linije pomlad/poletje 2017. Novo (in dobro založeno!) stojalo sem opazila v Mullerju in hitro izbrala nekaj izdelkov, naslednji dan pa sem od Essence Slovenija prejela še paketek z nekaj novostmi. Če te zanima, kaj ti vsekakor priporočam, beri naprej!

Essence Instant Matt super long-lasting foundation (4,40€, shade Ivory) unfortunately isn’t for me. It really is a mattifying foundation which doesn’t sit well with my dry patches. I tried to wear it with a silicone primer but unfortunately it caked really badly everywhere where my skin is dry. It’s a medium coverage finish and available in three colors – Ivory (rose undertone), Sand (warm undertone) and Vanilla (dark). I would recommend this if you have oily skin and need something to keep that in check.

Essence Instant Matt super long-lasting foundation (4,40€, odtenek Ivory) je tekoča podlaga, ki pa na žalost ni primerna za mene. Ima srednjo prekrivnost in res lep mat zaključek, vendar pa se je meni prijela na suhe predele obraza in se tam vidno zgostila. Priporočam ti jo, v kolikor imaš mastno kožo in želiš to težavo odpraviti. Podlaga je na razpolago samo v treh barvah  – Ivory (roza podton), Sand (rumen, topel podton) in Vanilla (temnejši odtenek).
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