Spring favorites ***** Spomladanski naj izdelki

Even though the weather has been acting up, calendar says it’s spring so the time is ripe for me to show you the products I’ve been enjoying lately. Some have been in my collection for quite a while and some are relatively new. Naturally I’m constantly trying out new products so you can expect a lot of reviews in the following weeks, as well as an exciting giveaway.

Čeprav nam vreme malo nagaja, je pomlad koledarsko že nekaj časa tu in čas je, da ti pokažem izdelke, brez katerih to pomlad ne morem. Nekaj jih je v moji zbirki že kar nekaj časa, nekaj pa je novih pridobitev, v katerih res uživam. Seveda pa ves čas pridno testiram tudi nove izdelke, zato lahko v prihodnjih tednih pričakuješ kar nekaj objav o novostih na našem trgu, pa tudi eno lepo nagradno igro.

My skin has been enjoying L’Occitane concentrate with almond milk which I’m about to run out of. That’s not really an issue though because in the beginning of May, L’Occitane is launching a new almond concentrate with caffeine and almond proteines which promises a firmer skin – just in time for the summer. I think this is probably the fifth (or so) pot of concentrate I’ve used so far so I’ll definitely continue to repurchase it. For keeping my hair damage-free and protected from heat, I’ve been using the Charles Worthington Heat Defence Spray that is applied from the scalp to the roots of my hair before blow-dry. I wash my hair every other day and color it so it’s important to give them quality protection. After a month of use, I’ve really noticed a positive difference in the shine of my hair and less split ends and breaks.

Kožo po telesu trenutno negujem z L’Occitane koncentratom z mandljevim mlekom in lonček bo vsak čas prazen. Še dobro, kajti na police že po prvomajskih praznikih prihaja nov mandljev izboljševalni koncentrat s kofeinom in mandljevimi beljakovinami, ki obljublja bolj čvrsto in napeto kožo – ravno prav za poletje. Glede na to, da je lonček na fotografiji že kakšen peti, ki sem ga porabila v svojem življenju, bom vsekakor izdelku ostala zvesta tudi po prenovi. Za zaščito las pred toplotnimi učinki to pomlad skrbim s Charles Worthington Heat Defence sprejem, ki ga pred sušenjem las nanesem od lasišča do konic. Ker si lase umivam vsak drugi dan in imam od nedavnega ponovno barvane, mi je pomembno, da jim nudim kakovostno zaščito in po mesecu uporabe tega izdelka res opažam razliko v zmanjšanem lomljenju las in njihovem sijaju. View Post

A – Z Favorites

I recently learned about this tag from a fellow blogger and I must say that it is quite a fun one, since it really will make you go through your collection and pick out the things you absolutely love the most. Basically, you choose your favorite cosmetics item for each of the letters in the alphabet, hence the A to Z name. Here are my favorites!

A – Avon Advanced Techniques leave-in conditioner. I have talked about it here already. It’s my favorite conditioner and I will continue to use it on a daily basis. It gives my hair a little bit of nutrition and leaves it silky and shiny for the day, with the added bonus of a great scent.

B – Benefit They’re real! mascara. I didn’t like this mascara at first but after I left it open for about a month, it quickly became my favorite. It gives a ton of volume and really holds the curl for the entire day. It’s beginning to flake a bit so I’ll probably have to let it go soon, but I will repurchase it as well.

C – Catrice All matt plus foundation. Some of you suggested I try a Catrice foundation and although I was sceptical at first, I’ve already gone through half of the bottle in a month. It has great coverage without feeling heavy and leaves my skin matte for hours without any touch-ups. My absolute favorite foundation of 2015 so far.

D – Dvorec Trebnik bath salts. I just happen to have the Marigold salts opened right now, but I’ve tried many different scents and have loved them all. I already wrote about it here. Honestly, I’ve never taken as many baths as I do now since I’ve discovered this brand!

E – Essence Longlasting lipliner. I’ve got a separate post about these lip liners coming up so I don’t want to reveal too much, but since I’m putting them among my favorites, you can guess that I’m absolutely in love with them!

F – ….. I don’t think I own a single product from a brand that would start with F. I could technically cheat, but I won’t 🙂

G – Gliss Kur Intensivkur. These come in all kinds of formulas and I probably love the Ultimate Repair (black line) the best. However I go through quite a few different ones every month and I always feel that it really does have an effect on my hair, making it less frizzy and nourished from within.

H – ….. Again, I found some products from the brands starting with H, but it seems to be an unfortunate letter for me, since I don’t love any of them.

I – I love… bubble bath and shower creme. These again can be bought in a number of scents and I haven’t had one that I wouldn’t love yet. Also, you get a ton of product for a budget price, so it’s an overall winner in my book. View Post