Health & beauty = smoothie

Since I lead a pretty unhealthy lifestyle with a lot of stress, lack of sleep and many skipped (and often not the healthiest) meals, I’m prone to compensating for it with supplements which are easy and quick to take and really do make a difference to how I feel and how I look.

I’ve always been attracted to supplements that also offer visible results and the one that really stands out to me is MSM. MSM (Methylsulfonymethane, if you care) is a natural form of organic sulfur. It’s beneficial for the formation of tissues such as red cells, muscles, skin, nails and hair, while it also helps regulate the hormonal balance and the immune system. Some also call MSM the mineral of beauty.

So yes – skin, hair and nails. As I’ve mentioned in pretty much every post in recent history, all of these have taken the turn for the worse during my pregnancy and it’s time to get them back into shape!

That being said, MSM doesn’t exactly taste great by itself, so I was excited to find out that a smoothie bar in Ljubljana in Bavarski Dvor, Zdrav’ko Dren (click!) partnered up with the online store and now offers a smoothie with Malinca BeautyMix that contains MSM and Camu Camu that is a great source of Vitamin C. View Post