The lip liners you need in your life!

Lip liners are another chapter of my life which I consistently more or less ignored up until a couple of months ago. I remember watching a YouTube video and this girl was filling her entire lip in with a lip liner, explaining the staying power and all that.

I will apologize in advance for the myriad of different photos in this post – I enlisted a help of a friend for the swatches at one occasion, did my own photos at another time etc. – it’s a bit messy (especially with the close-up shots, some are really weird – I couldn’t even notice the mistakes around the edges with my eye, but OF COURSE they all show up on camera), but hopefully you’ll manage. Or maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it at all and you wouldn’t even notice? Hmmmm….

Anyway, the liners I’m talking about are the Essence Longlasting Lipliners.

They are pretty easy to find in stores, although they have the biggest range of colors in Müllers. The price is very user friendly as well – they cost about 1,5 € per liner, which is nothing, really. So on that note, I picked up four of them. The range is much larger though; looking at their webpage they have nine different shades available. I only selected those I felt would be most wearable for me.

The liners themselves are automatic, so they unscrew from the tube and don’t need to be sharpened, which is an extra bonus. Also, they are extra soft so you don’t need to press hard to get them working, meaning there is less chance of breaking the point off. Because if you put too much pressure on it, or you put the tip out a bit too much, it will break. I learned that the hard way. View Post