Blogmas 2017 #11: Simple hair care routine and best products of 2017

simple hair care routine

My bathroom and cabinet are filled with skincare and make-up but for some reason, I manage to keep my haircare products in check. I don’t have a very sensitive scalp or any particular hair issues so I can afford the luxury of constantly trying out new products that enter the market.

Simple hair care routine – shampoo and conditioner

simple hair care routine L'Oreal Elseve L'Occitane

I always start with shampoo and continue with conditioner. For a while, people were saying to apply conditioner beforehand and I tried that a couple of times. Honestly, I didn’t see any difference. I try to wash my hair with lukewarm water whenever possible. This year, my #1 choice of shampoo and conditioner was the L’Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Clay purifying shampoo and conditioner. I’ve gone through three bottles of each and couldn’t bring myself to use many other shampoos instead of these. They have a great smell, the shampoo really felt purifying and the conditioner left my hair super soft and less frizzy.

Once every few weeks, I also apply the L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub – I wrote a whole post about it *here* for those of you who want to know more. In short, it’s a cleansing shampoo to really get rid of all the build-up on your hair. I’d definitely recommend the investment since you’ll be hard pressed to use this 150ml bottle in 12 months.

Simple hair care routine – hair luxuries

simple hair care routine Avon leave in conditioner

My all-time favorite hair-care product is the Avon Advanced Techniques Quick Touch leave-in conditioner. I swear that I have been using about 3 bottles of this for the past five years at least, perhaps more. It’s definitely not the most luxurious product based on ingredients (perfume and alcohol are very high up there) but for some reason, this makes my hair look like silk. I can apply it all over my hair and scalp without having to worry about any greasiness or weighed down hair. A product I absolutely adore and costs next to nothing.

simple hair care routine L'Oreal

Another product I discovered this year (year of oils, remember?) is the L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil. This is a mixture of silicones and oils and, when applied sparingly to the roots, makes your hair look soft and silky. I use it on my ends whenever I’m late with a hairdresser appointment and it really masks the fact that my ends are already split.

Simple hair care routine – new products for 2018

simple hair care routine Olaplex

In the following year, I’m very excited to try out some new products. First is the Olaplex #3 for home use. I always get Olaplex full treatment in my hair salon, but I’ve actually never tried their products on my own. Somehow, the idea of Olaplex always seemed super professional to me and therefore something that you cannot attempt on your own. Turns out, it’s really as simple as any other conditioner, so I can’t wait to give it a proper go!

simple hair care routine Vichy Dercos Densi-Solutions

I’m also really excited to try the new Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions thickening balm, shampoo and concentrate. This new Vichy line is promising visibly stronger and denser looking hair that also looks softer. I’m excited to see how it will work for my hair.

What were your hair care favorites of 2017? I’ll be happy to find out about them and perhaps add some more to my wishlist! Until next time, stay beautiful!

Empties #8 (hair & body care)

It’s been almost six months since my last empties. The results are tragic – a full bag of empty product, so many that I cannot possibly fit them into one post. Today, you can read all about my hair and body care products. This post will be followed by skincare and make-up empties in the following week. Let’s jump right into it.

Empties: hair care

empties shampoo loreal elseve

I haven’t been very good when it comes to shampoos because I’ve been loving the L’Oreal Elseve Extraodinary Clay&Purifying shampoo and conditioner so much. Again and again, I’m amazed how clean, shiny and fresh my hair feels after use. I especially like the fact that it prolongs the time during washes for a day, if not more. I’m now on my fourth pack of these. On the other hand, I wasn’t too impressed with Precious Argan shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t like the scent and my hair got greasy very quick. Wouldn’t repurchase either of them.

empties shampoo nivea pantene briogeo

I was also relatively pleased with the Nivea Care & targeted care shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. My hair was soft and more manageable, but products for dry hair really shouldn’t be used by those of us who have problems with greasy scalp. I should have paid more attention to that. I also used up two samples of Briogeo Don’t despair, repair hair mask and didn’t find them to be revolutionary. In fact, they didn’t do anything that a regular conditioner can’t do. Last but not least, I also used up the Pantene Aqua Light shampoo which was good for my hair but made my scalp itchy and dry.

Empties: body care

empties shower gel nivea afrodita just

I generally forget to save up shower gels, but I really wanted to show you these two – Nivea Waterlily & Oil and Afrodita Sweet almond oil gel. They are similar in the sense that they both lather up nicely and have a wonderful smell. I would repurchase those but I need to get through my stock of Afrodita shower gels before that. I also used up what is probably my tenth bottle of Just Intimate Gel. It’s not irritable and I think that’s extremely important when it comes to personal hygiene.

empties deodorants nivea le couvent des minimes dolce gabbana

Last but not least – deodorants. All three have been lying in my empties bag for months, since I’m now a religious user of Mirta deodorant (you can read all about it *here*). I cannot many nice words about the Nivea Pure&Natural deodorant except for the fact it doesn’t contain aluminium salts. It didn’t fare well when it comes to body odor. I could probably say the same about the Dolce&Gabbana Light blue deodorant, but I only used this on special occasions and didn’t put it through as many paces. On the other hand, I have only nice words for the Le Couvent Des Minimes deodorant with essential oils. It did the job and I personally think it’s worth the money, since it took months to use it up.

If you used any of the product above, I’d love to hear your opinion about them. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Catrice ICONails review

I only take up the task of writing about nail polish on my blog a few times per year. There are a few reasons behind that, two most important being that I have blogger colleagues that only deal with nail polish and are much better in reviews than I am and also that my nails really don’t love any nail polish I put on them. That being said, I still enjoy painting my nails and trying new formulas and every once in a while I find a nail polish which really tickles my fancy. New Catrice ICONails definitely did.

O lakih za nohte na svojem blogu pišem le nekajkar na leto. Za to obstaja kar nekaj razlogov. Najpomembnejši je, da imam blogerske kolegice, ki se ukvarjajo skoraj izključno z laki in so bistveno boljše v opisih formul in njihovi primerjavi. Drugi, prav tako pomemben razlog pa je, da moji nohti enostavno ne marajo skoraj nobenega laka, ki jim ga ponudim v oceno. Ne glede na povedano sama še vedno uživam v lakiranju nohtov in preizkušanju novih formul, pri čemer občasno naletim na kakšno, ki me res prepriča. Catrice ICONails vsekakor sodi v ta razred.

ICONails Gel Lacquer is a new line from the well known Catrice brand. The line will replace the current Ultimate Nails line in May. I only managed to find about six different shades on the stand a couple of weeks ago and chose two – coral Nails On Fire and gray-blue Cloud Nine. In May, Catrice will be launching all 45 (!!!) colors and I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more to my collection. Besides the color polishes, Catrice also included a Gel top coat with hybrid technology that promises prolonged wear time for up to 10 days (3,79€).

ICONails Gel Lacquer je nova linija vsem dobro znane znamke Catrice, ki bo v maju nadomestila sedanjo linijo Ultimate Nails. Na stojalu sem pred tedni našla le kakšnih 6 odtenkov, zato sem izbrala dva – koralnega Nails on Fire in sivo-plavega Cloud Nine. Po prvomajskih praznikih na police prihaja vseh 45 (!!!) barv in prepričana sem, da bom svojo zbirko še dopolnila. Poleg barvnih odtenkov Catrice v okviru ICONails linije pošilja tudi Gel nadlak s hibridno tehnologijo, ki obljublja podaljšano obstojnost do 10 dni (3,79€).

ICONails promises a gel-shine finish and a maximum wear time up to seven days. Honestly, I find claims like “up to seven days” a bit funny since that can only mean one day, but since most formulas don’t even last 48 hours on my nails without chipping, I don’t give them much attention. I also cannot completely agree on the gel shine claim. Formula has a nice shine but I don’t think it can compare to a gel finish without a proper top coat.

ICONails obljublja gel-sijaj zaključek in maksimalno obstojnost do sedem dni. Iskreno povedano so mi trditve, kot je “do sedem dni” smešne, saj lahko to pomeni tudi samo en dan, ampak glede na to, da na mojih nohtih praktično nobena formula brez krušenja ne zdrži več kot 48 ur, se na takšne trditve ne oziram kaj dosti. Tudi glede gel izgleda se ne bi mogla popolnoma strinjati, saj formula sicer ima lep sijaj, vendar pa se ta po mojem mnenju brez nadlaka ne more primerjati z gel zaključkom.

So far, I’m being quite critical and I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re even reading this post. The reason is simple: ICONails is the first formula in years that held on my nails for four days (without top coat) and six days with a top coat. Even on day 7, my nails looked good enough that I would be comfortable going into work like that. Such hold is something almost supernatural for my nails and I’m equally impressed by the price since a single bottle only costs 2,89€. Now, you can probably understand why I’ll be adding more colors to my collection.

Zaenkrat samo kritiziram, kajne? Se sprašuješ, zakaj sploh bereš ta zapis? Razlog je preprost: ICONails je po letih prva formula, ki je na mojih nohtih zdržala brez krušenja štiri dni (brez nadlaka) in šest dni z nadlakom. Tudi sedmi dan je bila škoda tako minimalna, da bi šla s takšnimi nohti povsem mirno še v službo. Takšna obstojnost je za moje nohte nekaj skoraj nadnaravnega, enako kot obstojnost pa me navdušuje tudi cena, saj steklenička stane le 2,89 €. Zdaj razumeš, zakaj bom še dopolnjevala svojo zbirko?

A quick word or two about the bottle and the brush. Catrice certainly achieved expectations with both. ICONails bottle is square which makes for easier storing. On the back side the name of the shade is easily visible. There is a dual cap system – the top comes off and underneath you find a handy brush holder. The brush itself is quite wide and rounded at the bottom which makes for an easier application on my nail shape. It only took me three strokes to cover the entire nail with this brush.

Še besedo ali dve bi namenila steklenički in čopiču. Tudi z novo linijo so pri Catrice dosegli moja pričakovanja. ICONails steklenička je kvadratna, kar vsaj v moji zbirki pomeni lažje shranjevanje. Na zadnji strani je jasno in hitro opazno označeno ime vsakega odtenka. Pokrovček je dvojni – zgornji del se sname in razkrije priročno narebreno držalo čopiča. Čopič je dokaj širok in na koncu zaobljen, kar pri moji obliki nohtov omogoča lažji nanos. Sama sem s tem čopičem celoten noht enostavno prekrila s tremi potegi.

I was looking for similar shades in my collection and I’m happy to report I didn’t find any. The coral Nails On Fire is clearly different from the orange Essie Meet Me At The Sunset and looks a bit more similar to the L’Oreal “granate” Cherie Macaron, but the latter has a more apparent pink undertone.

V svoji zbirki sem skušala poiskati podobne odtenke, vendar jih nisem našla, kar me iskreno veseli. Koralen Nails on Fire se očitno razlikuje od oranžnega Essie Meet Me At Sunset, nekoliko bolj pa je podoben L’Orealovi “granatici” Cherie Macaron, vendar ima slednji veliko bolj opazen pink podton.

I also didn’t find a polish in my collection which would compare to the ICONails shade Cloud Nine. The closest I got was the Bell Hypoalergenic in shade 45, but it’s clearly more blue while Cloud Nine comes from the gray family.

Prav tako nisem v svoji kolekciji našla nobenega laka, ki bi bil primerljiv z ICONails odtenkom Cloud Nine. Še najbližje mu je prišel Bell Hypoalergenic lak v odtenku 45, vendar pa je tudi za izrazito bolj plav, pri Cloud Nine pa so bolj izraziti sivi podtoni.

As said previously I can’t wait for the entire stand since I have quite a few fun colors on my wishlist. I would certainly recommend you take a look when the entire collection hits the shelves since it’s a really great nail polish with an awesome price. Until next time, stay beautiful.


Which primer to use? ***** Kateri primer je pravi zame?

Last week, I wrote an extensive post about my pre-foundation skincare routine and mentioned a few primers that help me set up a good base for the rest of my make-up. Since I often get asked about what primer I consider the best (and since I haven’t written a long post about my primers since 2015), I though this would be a good opportunity to show you what I’m currently using.

Prejšnji teden sem napisala dolgo objavo o moji rutini pred nanosom tekoče podlage in že v njej omenila nekaj primerjev, ki mi pomagajo pripraviti kožo za nanos podlage. Ker me bralke pogosto sprašujete, kateri primer se mi zdi najboljši (in tudi ker bolj odločno o temi primerjev nisem pisala že vse od leta 2015), bom to priložnost izkoristila, da ti predstavim primerje, ki jih trenutno uporabljam.

My skin is normal with dry zones, some enlarged pores on my T-zone and some redness around my nose and between my eyebrows. I choose primers according to my problems  – and you should do the same. Please, take a look at the pre-foundation routine post  for more information on that since I don’t want to repeat myself. Remember – different primers work in different ways so you need to choose yours carefully – do you need filling of the pores, blurring of wrinkles, some color correcting or simply want your make-up to last longer?

Moja koža je normalna z nekaj suhimi točkami, povečanimi porami na T-zoni in z nekaj rdečice okrog nosu in med obrvmi. Primerje tako izbiram glede na težave svoje kože, enako pa priporočam tudi tebi. Prosim, preberi si mojo objavo o rutini pred nanosom tekoče podlage (najdeš jo *tu*), saj je že v njej zapisanih kar nekaj pomembnih informacij, ki jih danes ne bi ponavljala. Različni primerji delujejo na različne načine – ali potrebuješ zapolniti pore, zabrisati gubice, popraviti kakšno barvno nepravilnost ali želiš le, da bi tvoja tekoča podlaga na obrazu ostala lepa dlje časa?

Generally speaking in terms of your skin type – if your skin is dry, it will probably handle silicone primers well. Silicones will help you get a more even application of the liquid foundation and prevent caking in the dry areas. You should stay away from mattifying primers which will only make the situation worse. On the other hand, silicone based primers don’t perform well on oily skin since they tend to slide around and will not help your make-up stay on longer. With oily skin, you’re better off with a mattifying prime that will blur out the imperfections and help your make-up stay on longer. This is the general rule of thumb. There are so many primers in the market (with and without SPF, mattifying, color correcting,  illuminating, …) that you’ll surely find the one that will be perfect for your skin.

Če govoriva povsem na splošno, potem za izbiro primerja veljajo določene zakonitosti. Če imaš suho kožo, bodo verjetno za tebe bolje delovali silikonski primerji. Te ti bodo pomagali ustvariti lepo osnovo za nanos tekoče podlage in bodo tej preprečili, da bi se nabirala na bolj suhih delih tvojega obraza. Izogibaj se matirnih primerjev, ki bodo tvoje težave s suho kožo še poudarili. Po drugi strani silikonski primerji po navadi niso najboljši za mastno kožo, saj drsijo po obrazu in bo tekoča podlaga drsela skupaj z njimi. Če imaš mastno kožo, bi ti priporočala, da izbereš matirni primer, ki bo prav tako zabrisal nepravilnosti in poskrbel za daljšo obstojnost tekoče podlage. Vendar pa so to le splošna pravila – na trgu je toliko primerjev (z in brez SPF, matirni, z barvnimi korekcijami, osvetljevalni, …), da boš gotovo našla tistega, ki je najboljši za tvojo kožo.

Let’s start off with the newest addition to the family, the Mark Magix Face Primer from the new Avon Mark line. This is a good silicone based primer that will help you if you want to blur out imperfections on your skin and prepare it for liquid foundation. I like that it has no harsh smell and it absorbs very quickly. The texture is a bit funny, but once you get used to it, it’s not a problem. Negatives: I didn’t feel like it helped my make-up stay on longer which is true for most silicone primers, at least in my case. It also didn’t do enough  to fill in the largest pores which were still slightly visible after use. Available from Avon salesforce. 3/5.

Začniva z najnovejšim članom moje družine primerjev, Mark Magix Face Primerjem iz nove Avon Mark linije. Gre za dober silikonski primer, ki bo zabrisal nepravilnosti in kožo dobro pripravil za tekočo podlago. Všeč mi je, da nima močnega vonja in se zelo hitro vpije v kožo. Sama tekstura tekočine je nekoliko drugačna kot pri večini primerjev, ampak se nanjo ni težko navaditi. Pomanjkljivost: zdi se mi, da ni podaljšal obstojnosti za mojo tekočo podlago, kar pa pri meni velja za večino silikonskih primerjev. Prav tako bi si želela videti večji učinek na moje pore, ki so bile po nanosu še vidne. Dostopen pri prodajalcih Avon. 3/5.

The second primer I’m currently using is the e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer. e.l.f. carries quite a few different primers and I’ve tried most of them. I like the texture which is silky smooth (again, this is a silicone based primer). For me, it evens out my complexion beautifully and really fills in my pores. It’s also the least expensive out of the bunch. Unfortunately, this is one of the foulest smelling beauty products I’ve ever come across which is why it’s hard for to to reach for it in the morning. Available from iHerb. 2/5.

Naslednji primer, ki ga trenutno uporabljam, je e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer. Znamka e.l.f. ima v svoji ponudbi kar nekaj primerjev, od katerih sem jih preizkusila že večino. Pri tem primerju mi je všeč tekstura (tudi tu gre za silikonski primer). Mojo kožo lepo poenoti in dobro zapolni moje pore. Je tudi najcenejši od vseh, ki ti jih predstavljam danes. Na žalost pa gre za enega najbolj smrdečih izdelkov, ki sem jih kadar koli preizkušala, zato se moram prav prisiliti, da ga zjutraj potegnem iz predala. Dostopen preko iHerb. 2/5.

Next I want to talk about the L’Oreal Infallible mattifying base. I fell in love with this in the spring but completely stopped using it in the summer because in the heat, my foundation was slipping off even without a silicone primer underneath. Lately, I started using it again in situations when I need my foundation to look great for the evening. In colder months, it lasts reasonably long and gives a semi-matte effect but doesn’t accentuate my dry spots. I would stay away if you have very dry skin, but other then that it would probably work fine for you. Available in drugstores (DM, Muller etc.). 4/5

Naslednji v moji zbirki je L’Oreal Infallible mattifying base. V ta primer sem se zaljubila spomladi, vendar pa ga praktično celo poletje v toplem vremenu nisem uporabljala, saj je tekoča podlaga že brez silikonskega primerja drsela okrog po mojem obrazu in je primer vse skupaj le še poslabšal. V hladnejših mesecih sem ga uporabljala predvsem takrat, ko sem želela, da moja podlaga krajše obdobje izgleda čudovito. Primer kožo delno matira, pri čemer ne poudari mojih suhih predelov. Ta primer ti odsvetujem, če imaš zelo suho kožo, v vseh nasprotnih primerih pa bo verjetno zate delal ok. Dostopen v drogerijah (DM, Muller itd.). 4/5

I already talked about The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer *here*. In short, it’s a primer with a great price that will give your skin a smoother look but it will not cover any major imperfections or help your foundation last longer. Available from Deciem online store. 3/5

O The Ordinary High-Adhererence Silicone primerju sem že pisala *tu*. Na kratko – gre za ugoden primer, ki bo dal tvoji koži svilen videz, vendar pa ne bo zabrisal kakšnih večjih nepravilnosti ali pomagal k večji obstojnosti tvoje podlage. Dostopen preko Deciem spletne trgovine. 3/5

Last one of the bunch is the Etude House Baby Choux base in the shade Mint choux. It’s a color correcting primer which helps me reduce the redness I talked about previously. I like it in the summer months because it gives my skin a mattified effect so that I’m not shining like a lighthouse before lunchtime. It also boasts a SPF of 30 which is enough that you can get away without applying extra layer of protection. Negatives: it has a dry texture so it’s a bit more difficult to spread evenly across the face. But don’t worry about looking green in the face – once applied, it will turn into a while formula. Available from online stores that carry Korean cosmetics, such as Jolse. 4/5.

Zadnji primer, ki ga trenutno testiram in uporabljam, je Etude House Baby Choux Base v odtenku Mint Choux. Gre za primer, ki se osredotoča na barvno korekcijo in mi pomaga pri prekrivanju rdečice, ki sem jo omenila prej. Z veseljem ga uporabljam predvsem v poletnih mesecih, saj mojo kožo matira in mi pomaga, da se že pred časom kosila ne svetim kot svetilnik. Formula se ponaša tudi z SPF 30, kar je po mojem mnenju zadostna zaščita, da ne potrebujem še dodatnega sloja kreme za sončenje. Njegova največja pomanjkljivost je suha formula, zaradi česar je enakomeren nanos precej težak. Naj te zelena barva ne skrbi – v obraz ne boš zelena, saj se ob nanosu na rdečico primer obarva belo. Dostopen preko spletnih trgovin, ki ponujajo korejsko kozmetiko, kot na primer Jolse. 4/5

If you want to look for good alternatives in our drugstores, I’d suggest looking to the brands Catrice, L.O.V. and Bourjois which normally have a large array of primers for every skin type. Hopefully, this was useful – but if you have any additional questions, I’m here for you! Until next time, stay beautiful!

Če želiš dobro alternativo omenjenim primerjem poiskati v naših drogerijah, ti predlagam, da si ogledaš ponudbo znamk Catrice, L.O.V in Bourjois, ki imajo po navadi na voljo širok nabor primerjev z različnimi funkcijami, ki pomagajo različnim tipom kože. Upam, da ti bo moja objava pomagala pri izbiri, v kolikor pa imaš še kakšno vprašanje, ti z veseljem pomagam! Do naslednjič, ostani čudovita!


Top 5 spring nail polishes **** Top 5 spomladanskih lakov za nohte


Until I started loving make-up more, I never even considered which nail polish would be suitable for a certain season. I wore lime green in winter and dark red in the summer and even though I still mix it up, I prefer to keep my nails appropriate to the weather and my mood that goes along with it. Here in Slovenia, spring already arrived a couple of days ago and I was inspired to go through my stash and find the nail polishes I will be wearing in the following months. Here are my favorites.

Včasih, ko v mojem življenju make-up ni igral posebne vloge, nisem niti razmišljala o tem, kateri lak za nohte bom izbrala v določenem letnem času. Pozimi sem nosila limetasto zelen lak, poleti temno rdečega in čeprav to še vedno občasno naredim, se večino časa moji nohti ujemajo z vremenom in seveda mojim razpoloženjem, ki se spreminja skozi letne čase. V Sloveniji je pomlad prav zares že tu, zato sem pobrskala po svoji zbirki lakov in izbrala tiste, ki jih bom z veseljem nosila v prihodnjih mesecih. Predstavljam ti pet mojih najljubših.

OPI  – I believe in manicures

OPI I believe in manicures is a light blue polish, the color of the spring sky and a color I associate strongly with Easter eggs. It’s a part of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection. The formula is very easy to apply as with moth OPI polishes. I prefer three coats but you’ll get a strong color with two coats as well.

OPI I believe in manicures je svetlo plav lak za nohte, lak v barvi spomladanskega neba in v barvi, ki jo sama močno povezujem z velikonočnimi jajci. Ta lak je del kolekcije Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Formula je kot pri večini OPI lakov enostavna za nanos. Sama ga nanesem v treh slojih, že dva pa zadoščata za močan odtenek čudovite plave barve.

Catrice Soft Blossom – Coachella Vibes

This nail polish will surprise you with a slight flowery scent once applied and dry. It looks brighter in the bottle than it comes out on the nails but it’s still warm enough to be considered a spring polish in my book. It gives a semi-matte finish which you can either accept or top it off with a shiny top coat to give it that extra shine. The pigmentation is comparable to any other high-end nail polish – in the photo, I’m only wearing one coat!  There are six different shades available in the collection, each unique in its own way.

Ta lak te bo po sušenju presenetil z lahnim cvetličnim vonjem. V steklenički izgleda nekoliko svetlejši, kot na nohtih, vendar pa se mi barva še vedno zdi nadvse spomladanska. Zaključek je rahlo mat, seveda pa z nanosom nadlaka še vedno lahko dosežeš svetleč zaključek. Pigmentacija tega laka je primerljiva s kakšnimi mnogo dražjimi znamkami – na fotografiji imam nanešen samo en sloj! V kolekciji je šest različnih odtenkov, prav vsak poseben na svoj način.

Revlon Parfumerie – Lime Basil

It’s been years since I bought the Revlon Parfumerie nail polish in the shade Lime Basil, but you can still find it in stores and online. Again, it’s a scented nail polish which I don’t mind at all. The color in the bottle is a bit brighter than on the nails, but that’s due to the fact that you’ll definitely need two coats to get full potential from this polish. The color of fresh grass in the morning is not something I can wear to work, but I do enjoy putting it on my nails when I have some days off.

Ta Revlon Parfumerie lak v odtenku Lime Basil sem kupila že leta nazaj, še vedno pa ga občasno vidim v drogerijah in v spletnih trgovinah. Ponovno gre za odišavljen lak, kar mene ne moti. V tem primeru je barva laka v steklenički svetlejša kot na nohtih, kar je tudi posledica tega, da za lepo barvo vsekakor potrebuješ nanesti dva sloja. Barva sveže trave v spomladanskem jutru sicer ni nekaj, kar bi bilo zame primerno za službo, vendar pa ga z veseljem nosim med vikendi in takrat, ko me ne čaka noben pomemben sestanek.

L’Oreal – Dimanche Apres-Midi

The name of this nail polish translates to “Sunday afternoon” which incidentally is also the time when I always paint my nails. It’s one of the prettiest nail polishes that I found in 2017 and the formula of these “grenade” L’Oreal Color Riche polishes is absolutely amazing, I have no trouble applying them at all! The pigmentation is super strong – I’m wearing two very thin coats in the photo, but you can get full coverage in the color of faded ballet slippers with two thicker coats or three thin coats. This is a “wedding” color every woman should have in her collection.

Ime tega laka v dobesednem prevodu pomeni “nedeljsko popoldne”, kar je čisto po naključju tudi čas, ko si sama vedno lakiram nohte. Gre za enega najlepših lakov, ki sem jih do sedaj našla v letu 2017. Formula teh “granat” – L’Oreal Color Riche lakov je odlična. Sama z nanosom nimam prav nobenih težav. Pigmentacija je zelo močna – na fotografiji sem nanesla dva tanka sloja, polno prekrivnost v barvi zbledelih baletnih copatkov pa lahko dosežeš z dvema debelejšima ali tremi tanjšimi sloji. Gre za “poročno” barvo, ki bi jo prav vsaka ženska morala imeti v svoji zbirki!

Deborah Milano gel effect – 73 (swimming blue)

This Deborah nail polish matches the color of a tropical sea somewhere in the Maldives. Since not many of us get to see that sea (read that out loud) whenever we feel like it, why not bring some color into our lives on our nails? This is actually the first Deborah nail polish I ever bought and I’m impressed by the color payoff and the formula, which is very forgiving. I usually apply to coats to get the best effect. The finish is gel-like, so super shiny, but I prefer to put on a top coat to make sure the color stays in place. A definite must for the spring season.

Barva tega Deborah laka za nohte me spominja na barvo morja nekje na Maldivih. Ker pa Maldivov večina ne more obiskati ravno vsakič, ko se nam zahoče, lahko nekaj barve v svoje življenje prinesemo tudi na nohtih. Gre za prvi Deborah Milano lak, ki sem ga kdajkoli kupila. Formula je enostavna za nanos, pigmentacija pa zelo solidna – običajno sama nanesem dva sloja. Kljub temu, da je zaključek res gel, torej izredno sijoč, preko tega laka nanesem še nadlak, ki mi zagotavlja daljšo obstojnost. Zame vsekakor nujno potrebna spomladanska barva.

These are my top five polishes for this spring season. I’m already looking forward to doing some fun manicures with these – make sure to follow me on Instagram (scroll down for the feed or follow me on @low_maintenance_beauty) to see what I’ll create. I hope it’s warm wherever you are and that you’re already getting some sunshine in your life! Until next time, stay beautiful!

Tako, to je mojih pet najljubših barv za to pomlad. Veselim se ustvarjanja kakšne posebne manikure – če mi slediš na Instagramu (fotografije lahko najdeš čisto na dnu te strani ali mi slediš na @low_maintenance_beauty), si boš lahko ogledala kakšno od mojih stvaritev. Upam, da je tudi tam, kjer se nahajaš že toplo in te božajo sončni žarki. Do naslednjič, ostani čudovita!