April Favorites

Another month rolled by and I almost can’t believe that it’s almost been a year since I started writing this blog 🙂 Anyway, April brought some new, wonderful discoveries for me, and I also found some of my old friends lurking in the back of that closet that I keep mentioning all the time.

Quite a few were already mentioned in my other posts, so let’s start with those. First is the Lord&Berry liner that I received in the LookFantastic beauty box about a month ago. It’s been well loved but I’m determined to use the very last inch of it. You can read more about it here – and thank me later when you go and buy it 😉

Essence Longlasting Lip Liner in Yummy Berry

Another favorite that I only recently became acquainted with is the Essence Longlasting lip liner. I love quite a few colors, but as I already mentioned in this post, the Yummy Berry is my favorite. I need to go out and buy a few back-up’s in case it makes a disappearing act from the shelves.

O.P.I. Don’t pretzel my buttons

This O.P.I. Don’t pretzel my buttons featured in my Simple manicure routine post. It’s a really lovely beige nude and I’ve been wearing it a lot in the past two months, simply because it’s long lasting and – to be completely honest – doesn’t look terrible even when some chipping occurs. It’s the only nude polish I own and we have quite a romance going on at the moment.

Medex Elanosol lip balm

I don’t talk much about Medex cosmetics line and I don’t really know why – I love most of the products and use them quite religiously. But my favorite has to be the Elanosol lip balm that contains propolis, honey and bee wax. First of all, this lip balm really does smell and taste of honey, and secondly, it leaves quite a thick layer on the lips meaning that they are fully protected. That being said, it’s not really a product I use out of home, because it also leaves a little white residue which doesn’t look too appealing. But I love using it at home and it helps my lips tremendously. View Post

Office must-have products

There are not many things I need in my office to keep me happy throughout the day. Actually, there are just 6 staples that are always, always somewhere around when I need them.

1) A glass of water in a cute mug because I forget to drink when I’m busy and therefore need a constant reminder.

2) A handcream – currently the Yummy coconut hand cream which I just ordered from Click2chic. It has a beautiful summery smell to it and although it takes some time to absorb I really feel like it’s doing the work.
3) Guarana Natural energy vials by Medex – these give me a kick when I’m feeling under the weather/have not slept enough/am burnt out. These vials are just a natural burst of energy and very convenient to use as well. Otherwise, Medex is one of my favorite Slovenian brands of all times – they have so many great natural products in different categories, which include many cosmetic products.
4) Tissues. Any tissues will do, but I prefer Kleenex because I find them the softest.
5) Antibacterial gel because let’s be honest – our office space isn’t exactly the most hygienic around. The keyboard, computer mouse and telephone themselves carry so many nasties that I find it absolutely imperative to use this gel several times a day. Right now, I’m using the Bath & Bodyworks gel in vanilla – berry sorbet, but normally I have the *24 gel which is easily available in Slovenia.
6) A lipbalm. I am in love with my eos lipbalms. They are so easy to carry around since they won’t open and get any filth in them. The flavors are fantastic and they really keep my otherwise very chapped lips under hydrated.

Which are your beauty products in your office/workspace/study?

Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome!