Essence fall/winter 2017 – new products wishlist!

My my, how the tables have turned. I remember how I was lusting after Tarte and Too Faced products years ago, over excited by everything I was being told online by Youtube celebrities. Now, I’ve learned to look closer to home for good products. More often than not, I find them in the Catrice and Essence stands. This makes me super happy and my wallet as well. Let’s take a look at some Essence products that I’m most excited about – and stay tuned for the Catrice launches tomorrow!

Essence fall winter 2017 wishlist: eyes

Most of these are hitting the stands in our stores as we speak. Some of you already got your hands on them, but quite a few readers have been asking for my wishlist to see what they should get. I say – experiment. The products are really inexpensive so the gamble is low. But here is my wish list anyway.

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence moonlight eyes

I definitely need some of the cream eyeshadows Moonlight eyes (4 shades, 3,29€). These look like a much less expensive version of the Color Tattoos and I love those but the fact is they dry out fast and are not really inexpensive. I use them all over the lid and then just build the crease – my eye look is done in a minute. The lightest shade can also be used as a base for more vibrant colors.

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence Instant Volume Boost mascara

There are new mascaras hitting the stores – I’ve had some good experience with Essence in that department lately so I’ll definitely be getting the #lashes of the day volume mascara (2,79€) and the Instant volume boost mascara (3,29€). For that price, I can afford to test both and I’ll definitely report back!

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