July Favorites

The first real month of blogging went by in a flash. So it’s now time for my first favorites. This month, they are mostly connected to the the recent shopping activities.

First favorite definitely has to be the Bath & Bodyworks cande in mango coconut scent. I’ve really been looking for a candle that would have a summery scent and would make my evening routine even more pleasurable. This candle does all that and more, but is of course not available over here so I’ll soon be on the search for a new one. Until recently I was a real fan of Yankee Candles, but when comparing those to this particular candle they fail in comparison – this candle really gives away so much scent it’s ridiculous.

Next favorite has to be the Neutrogena naturals purifying pore scrub. This was an impulse buy because I just placed my Olay ProX into the basket and felt I needed to get something to use it with. I love the smell of it, the pilling is not too intense and it washes off easily compared to some other cleaning/pealing scrubs.

The third favorite of July is my Tarte Maracuja Brazilliance Self Tanner. A long name for a great product. This bronzer doesn’t take too much effort – I used it several times now and only did a scrub once before. No matter, it won’t stick to your elbows or knees. It contains maracuja oil which leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and well moisturized well into the next day, but at the same time it only takes 10 minutes for it to absorbe into the skin – then you’re good to go!

Application with the enclosed glove is super easy, because the product itself is pigmented to show where you’ve already applied it. This pigmentation of the cream also gives you an instant “tan” which is great if you’re just about to slip into your shorts and go out for the day. It has absolutely no smell which I know many of us connect to the bronzers we can stock up in our drugstores. View Post