Five product face

Although I would have never chosen this tag for myself at this because I am currently in the “more is more” mode when it comes to make-up, simply because I have sooo many new items to try. But as luck would have it, I got tagged to do it by Mateja from Fancy and schmancy. This really got me thinking back to the times when I could literally get really in 5 minutes and I still thought I looked all right. Would I use the same products now as I have before?

Probably not. Before, I would have gone for heavy foundation, big eyes and lips. Today however, the story has changed. So here are the five products I would wear on a minimal make-up day. Disclaimer: camera still down, mobile photos awful, so here are some generic photos for you, sorry for that… 🙁

So I still haven’t got the face that would need no concealer, to be sure. But I’d prefer to go for a lighter coverage just in the areas where I need it with my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind eraser.

It’s just the right shade for covering all the spots that need coverage (which is especially true for my under eye circles) and at the same time light enough to do some very basic contouring. The formula is super smooth and I love the feeling of having that little on my face. I also often apply it on my chin and it’s the one thing that doesn’t seem to brake me out. Super happy I picked this one up, but at the moment it’s not available in Slovenia as far as I’m aware of. Surely, this will change by the time I use it up?

I debated for quite some time if I would choose a bronzer or a blush, but in the end I feel that the blush can come naturally during the day, while the bronzed effect cannot. So I would go for my Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer, which is light enough to be used as a bronzer but can also be a useful contouring tool when needed.

It doesn’t require a heavy dusting to reach the desired effect, it’s not heavy on the skin and doesn’t have an unpleasant scent to it. Overall, this is my favorite bronzer up to date, not available in Slovenia.

One thing that I would have never, but never, picked for my 5 must haves a couple of months back are eyebrow tools. But what some proper brow maintenance and sculpting can do with my face has been the discovery of the year, hands down. I would go with my NYX Eyebrow cake powder which you can buy here in . This product has all that you could need for some basic brow work and is at the same time super small and compact. I’m absolutely loving the effect that full eyebrows give to my face and I never leave home without using it. It was already included twice in my blog, also in my July favorites so I won’t bore you with another photo of it.

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies is also quite a new find for me and my absolutely favorite mascara of the past years. I tried some pretty heavy duty (a.k.a. expensive) mascaras in my life, simply because it was the one thing I always made an effort to use no matter what. Well, they all fail in comparison to the Falsies.

This is an absolute favorite of my and even though I’m also trying out new mascaras all the time, this is the one I go back to whenever I need to be sure my lashes will stay long and hold their curl throughout the day. Buy the Falsies here at or at most drugstores. It comes in regular and waterproof version so make sure you choose the right one for your needs. I would definitely go for the waterproof version in the summer, but stick to the regular otherwise only because the waterproof mascara is a SOB to remove.

Last product I would choose on a light make-up day is something for my lips. Here, I cannot go without the Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm in #60 Go Flamingo Go or #30 Don’t think just pink. I mean don’t you just love these names? But I love the moisturizing effect and the lovely colors of these sticks even more.

Third from the left – Don’t think, just pink. Third from the right – Go flamingo, go.

Buy them here at or in the biggest Slovenian drugstores. They mostly have a shiny finish and also smell quite nice, which cannot be said for some other drugstore lip products from drugstore brands – yes, L’Oreal, I’m looking at you.

So that’s it for my five product face – I daresay I would be willing to go out and about by only having these 5 products on my face, although to be honest, these days it’s more like 20 products with 15 different applicators, but that’s OK – more reviews coming your way any day now.

What are the 5 products you absolutely need to give you that skip in your step?

Until next time, stay beautiful.