Nail Polish Graveyard – a very looong post!

Today, I went into DM and bought some new nail polishes. But while doing that, I honestly could not remember if I owned some particular colors already which was quite worrying. So when I came home I immediately went and opened the drawer with nail stuff. This is what I was looking at.

No wonder I didn’t know what colors I owned and I was using three of the nail polishes around the clock, not really paying attention to any others. Anyhow, I dragged everything out in the open.

I then organized them by color and split them into three basic groups – keep, give (to friends or my mum) or throw away. Let’s start with the first group – the white or pearl polishes. Descriptions are always from left to right. If you are not a fan of nail polishes, this is the time to click out of this post because I can tell it’s going to be a really, really long one. Like, super long. Think War and Peace long.

First up is the Catrice – The peach boys. This I got quite recently and love it – it’s a pearl color with a bit of a shimmer but still basic enough to make for a neutral nail. Keep. Next, the Maybelline Colorama – number 51. It’s a very milky white which looks almost translucent. I use this polish as a base for stronger colors – it tends to really bring out the color of the polish I put over it. Keep. Then we have Nivea Sea Extracts Manicure in Vanilla. This I have had for ages, it separated and looked gross. Throw away. Last up, the Maybelline Mini Colorama (51 French white). I use this for French manicure. It’s a bit old but until I find another good white polish for the tips, it will have to do. Keep.

I was under the impression that I had a ton of pink polishes, but obviously that is not true. First, we have the Alessandro shimmer (I guess Alessandro polishes don’t have names?). It’s very soft pink with a lot of shimmer so it’s a bit too bright to look very natural. At the same time, it’s not too out there that I would not be able to wear it to work. A great polish and definitely a keeper. That is not true for the Maybelline Colorama in soft pink. This is such a bland color that I have no use for it. Donate. Last up, there’s the most recent addition to this color group – the Essie Muchi Muchi. It’s the perfect baby pink with minimal shimmer, but unfortunately it’s so translucent it requires three layers for me to be happy with the color. Still, it will remain with me until something better comes along. Keep.

On the other hand, I have more purple polishes than I thought I had. First one is the Essie Sittin’ pretty – it’s a beautiful autumn color and I will be wearing this a lot. Since it’s a pastel, you could rock this the entire year. Most Essie polishes also have great brushes that make your manicure super easy and fast. Keep. I am donating the Essence Color&Go in Purple Sugar – it’s much too bright and I never, ever reach for it. I have a particular friend in mind who will love it. Although I am not crazy about the color or the brush (very big and difficult to control), I am also keeping the Essence Colour&Go in Prom Berry. It’s a color I would not wear in everyday life because it’s too dark for me, but I would reach for it for some special occasion or nail art. It’s probably in the same category with the Maybelline white one – the “until a better one comes along” category, that is. Last up, there is my newest addition – the Essence Rock Out in Best Female which I picked up today. I thought it was a dark purple with shimmer but after trying it out I realized it’s more of a shimmer topcoat. Still loving it – I will get a lot of use out of it. Obviously, keepingthat one. View Post