New Bits and Bobs from May – review

Two weeks ago, I published a post with all the new products I bought or received in May (*click* to view the original post). Now, it’s time for short and quick reviews of the products – if you want a more detailed review for any of the products, let me know in the comments!

The L’Oreal Make-up remover says it’s not greasy, but it definitely is. I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. It removes my make up great, even the waterproof mascara, so I’ll continue using it.

I quickly realized that I really cannot and should not be using anti-perspirants, no matter how badly I want to be sweat free. I didn’t like the Garnier InvisiCalm since it made my skin really sticky and weird feeling, so I threw it away.

I’ve rambled on and on about Nivea Protect&Refresh line already and I am a big fan. I’ve been using this sunscreen on every sunny outing so far and I am a big fan of the cooling effect.

The Mirati face wash gets a big thumbs up as well – it is a soft cooling gel that makes my face squeaky clean. I haven’t had any bad reaction to it and my skin is looking pretty great, if I say so myself. I’ve noticed that I only need the smallest amount to make it work, so this tub will last me ages. View Post

New Bits and Bobs for May 2016

I’ve been shopping online quite a lot in the past few months, since I was basically tied to the couch for the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy and have not left the house for the first month much.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that the products you see above were not all bought in May, but I’ll try to keep up from now on with my monthly shopping report. I also completely forgot about my Lancome Juicy Shaker since it’s been in my purse ever since I’ve gotten it, but I think I’ll be writing a separate post about it very soon. I should also mention a present from – the Freedom Brush Bath that I’ve already reviewed in a post you can read here.

Starting with skincare, I bought a new make-up remover from L’Oreal. It looks very oily in the bottle but promises to be “non greasy” so we’ll see about that. I also had to get a new deodorant and chose the Garnier mineral InvisiCalm antiperspirant. I am not a fan of antiperspirants in general but I’ll only be using this once in a blue moon for seriously sweaty situations so hopefully I won’t react badly to it.

Nivea was kind to send me a huge (and I mean huge) promotional package full of stuff for the summer, but the real star of the package is the new Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh sun lotion. You can expect more information about this bad boy in the Wednesday selection coming this week.

I also received a face wash from Mirati, a brand I didn’t know until very recently. I am happy to support local brands by giving my honest opinion and I’ll continue testing it until I’m ready to give a verdict.

I bought the Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush On (n. 207) about a week ago and so far, so good. I’m always impressed by the prices at GR counters and hopefully I’ll be impressed by the quality as well. View Post