Lotique Make-up (review & swatches)

Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette and volume mascara

Even though I’m technically on a spending ban until Black Friday sales, I had to break the rule in this instance. Since we don’t get many new brands in Slovenian market, I needed to try some products from Lotique brand. Today, I’m giving you my first impressions on two products – an eyeshadow palette and mascara.

Who is Lotique?

Lotique is a relatively new brand on the Slovenian market, only available in Europark Maribor and their online store. Shopping online in their store is easy, since it’s user friendly, easy to navigate and offers different methods of payment which is still very important in Slovenia. Lotique entered the market with skincare products in 2008 and only recently expanded their offer to make-up. They offer every make-up product you can imagine – for the face (primer, liquid foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer), eyes (individual shadows, palettes, mascaras), lips (lip gloss, lipstick and lip pencil) and a Flash line intended for teenagers, but in my opinion appropriate for everyone.

Lotique eyeshadow palette

Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palette was the first thing to catch my attention while rummaging through the online store, especially since it looks different from most palettes I own. I’ve been trying it out for the past month and now it’s time to share my opinions with you. The palette costs 12,30€ and holds 12 shades meaning that each shade costs just a few cents over 1 Euro – you’ll be hard pressed to find a least expensive palette in the market.


Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette

Unfortunately, the packaging is one of the worst things about this palette. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much more because of the low price. The entire case is plastic and very light. The lid gives me the impression that it will break of eventually. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but this is definitely not a packaging that would withstand some serious trials.

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ProvoCATRICE: Eyeshadow palette “En Touche” review

It’s been a while since the last Catrice limited edition collection hit the shelves so I wasn’t too surprised when I opened my mailbox and realized that a new one is one the way. Catrice kindly provided me with an eyeshadow palette from the new ProvoCATRICE line which will be available until July. If you haven’t decided on the purchase yet, you can find my opinion about the lovely ProvoCATRICE Une Touche (touch) 5-pan palette down below.

Od zadnje limited edition kolekcije Catrice je minilo že kar nekaj časa, zato priznam, da nisem bila preveč presenečena, ko me je v nabiralniku pričakal paketek s paleto senčil iz nove linije ProvoCATRICE. Linija na police drogerij Tuš, v E.Leclerc MB, drogerije Ilirija in v spletno trgovino Click2Chic prihaja s 17.5. (in bo na voljo do julija), v kolikor pa se še nisi opogumila za nakup, pa si lahko v nadaljevanju prebereš moje mnenje o novi lepotički v moji zbirki – paleti petih senčil ProvoCATRICE Une Touche (dotik).

The entire line was inspired by the visual elements of lingerie and street fashion combos that are so popular on the streets these days. Besides the palette (5,29€), the ProvoCATRICE Line also includes five different rainbow nail polishes (3,29), two ombre blushes (4,29€), scented transparent powder (5,29), volumizing lash dust (4,29€) and two cushion matte lipsticks (5,29€). Personally, I’m most excited about the blushes and the polishes. I will be adding the latter to my collection of “not work appropriate but super cool for vacation and weekend gatherings with friends” collection.

Celotna linija navdih črpa iz vizualnih elementov kombinacije perila in ulične mode. Poleg spodaj predstavljene palete (5,29€) v njej lahko najdeš tudi pet mavričnih odtenkov lakov (3,29€), dvoje ombre rdečil za lička (4,29€), odišavljen transparentni puder (5,29€), prah za volumen trepalnic (4,29€) ter dve cushion mat šminki (5,29€). Osebno se najbolj navdušujem nad rdečili in laki, s katerimi bom verjetno še nekoliko obogatila svojo zbirko tistih lakov, ki morda niso najbolj primerni za v službo, jih bom pa še z večjim veseljem nosila med dopustom in vikend druženji s prijateljicami.

Une Touche palette is basically what could be the perfect palette. Small enough to fit in any purse and sturdy enough to withstand even the most exciting of travels. In general, I’d say that Catrice limited edition packagings are always of high quality and some of the best in my collection. I can tell that the palette was carefully curated. It contains two matte shadows (gray and light pink) great for the crease, two shimmery shadows for the lid and inside corner and a dark brown which is absolutely necessary for an evening look.

Paleta Une Touche je v osnovi popolna paleta. Dovolj majhna, da sodi v vsako torbico, dovolj trdna, da bi zdržala tudi kakšno bolj razburljivo potovanje. Na splošno so embalaže limited edition Catrice linij ene bolj trpežnih v moji zbirki. Pet odtenkov je bilo izbranih zelo premišljeno. Dva mat odtenka (siv in nežno roza) sta odlična za v pregib veke, z dvema svetlikajočima odtenkoma se poudari notranjost očesa in očesne kotičke, temno rjava barva pa je seveda nepogrešljiva za kakšen bolj večerni videz, ko rahlo zadimimo zunanje kotičke. View Post