Baby shopping!

There are a few things more fun than expecting your first baby and shopping for the new arrival. There are endless lists of what you’ll need for your family member and I bought it all. The lists are not entirely useless but here are a few tips and tricks how to make your purchases count, what to invest in and how you can save a bit of money here and there.

Le malo stvari je bolj zabavnih kot nakupi ob pričakovanju novega družinskega člana. Obstaja mnogo seznamov stvari, ki naj bi jih novopečeni starši in dojenčki potrebovali – mislim, da sem sama kupila prav vse z vseh teh seznamov. Vendar pa sem ugotovila, da čisto vsega ne potrebujem – v nadaljevanju lahko prebereš, kaj je bilo vredno denarja, kaj ne in kje lahko prihraniš kakšen evro.

Naturally, you’ll need diapers and wet wipes – a lot of them. Make sure to follow special promotions in stores and really stock up when you find a good deal – diapers and wet wipes don’t go bad so you’ll use them up and getting them 25 or 30 % off means a lot of saved cash in the long run. We use Bambo diapers now but for size 1, I preferred Pampers which have a strip in the front which changes color once the diaper is wet, making it easier to keep track. For wet wipes, our favorite are To-to from Tosama.

Plenice in mokre robčke boš seveda potrebovala, in to veliko njih. Najbolje je počakati kakšno dobro akcijo v trgovini in takrat narediti zalogo – ker se robčki in plenice ne pokvarijo, jih boš gotovo porabila, 25 ali 30 % popust pa na dolgi rok prihrani veliko denarja. Od velikosti 2 pri nas uporabljamo Bambo plenice, najmanjšo velikost pa smo kupovali Pampers. Slednje imajo namreč na sprednji strani trakec, ki se obarva, ko je plenica mokra, kar pri res majhnih dojenčkih res olajša spremljanje števila mokrih plenic dnevno. Po mojem mnenju so najboljši mokri robčki To-To Tosame.

Also on the topic – you will need cloth diapers (tetra diapers), but you sure don’t need 30 as some of these lists suggest. We went through 3-4 per day. Since the baby doesn’t own tons of clothes, you’ll be doing laundry every three or four days as it is, meaning that about 15 cloth diapers should be more than enough. Remember to put one (just folded in half) under your baby’s head when they sleep – they tend to spit up the milk and drool, so this will prevent you from washing the sheets every day.

Ko sva ravno pri temu – potrebovala boš tudi tetra plenice, ampak gotovo ne trideset, kot te bodo morda skušale prepričati kakšne mamice. Mi smo porabili tri ali štiri dnevno. Ker otrok nima ogromno oblekic, te tako ali tako čaka veliko pranja, zato bi moralo kakšnih petnajst plenic popolnoma zadoščati. Eno tetra plenico, prepognjeno po polovici, daj otroku med spanjem pod glavo. Ker dojenčki radi polivajo in se slinijo, ti tako ne bo treba rjuhe prati prav vsak dan.

If you decide to go with pacifiers (some moms don’t) – get some before the baby is born and take them to the hospital with you. Soothing a crying baby when you’re still recovering from birth isn’t easy and a pacifier sure can help with that. There are different pacifiers for different ages, so don’t buy too many in the beginning as you’ll be getting different ones every 5-6 months.

Če se boš odločila za uporabo dude (nekatere mame jih preprosto nikoli ne uporabljajo), kupi kakšno še preden se otrok rodi in jo vzemi s seboj v porodnišnico. Tolaženje jokajočega dojenčka med tem, ko okrevaš po porodu, je težko in duda ti lahko pri tem pomaga. Ker pa obstajajo različne oblike dud za različne starosti, ti priporočam, da jih ne kupiš preveč, saj boš nove kupovala približno vsakih šest mesecev.

See this personal care set in the right of the photo? I’d say skip buying something like this since you won’t use most of the stuff anyway. What you do need are some miniature nail clippers and a good nose aspirator – we bought those extra and I haven’t used a single thing out of this set in the last year.

Vidiš ta komplet za osebno nego na desni? Predlagam ti, da nakup česa podobnega izpustiš, saj večine tako ali tako ne boš potrebovala. Kupiti moraš aspirator za nosek in majhen ščipalec za nohtke, vendar oboje lahko dobiš posebej. Sama iz tega kompleta nisem v celem letu uporabila ničesar. View Post

Pregnancy Q&A

I know that many of you are still young and not really thinking about kids yet, but there are quite a few readers and bloggers who have been following me on this journey from the big fat positive to birth of my beautiful baby boy and I’m grateful for all the positive vibrations and nice wishes I got along the way. Since it’s my rambling day, I thought I’d do a Q&A tag about my pregnancy (I borrowed the questions from Beautifymeeh blog). Spoiler: my pregnancy was great so don’t freak out before you read through 🙂

1. When were you due?

I was due March 25th(Mother’s day over here) but the baby decided to hang tight for a week longer and arrived on 1st of April, making a fool out of both of us (we were hoping for April 2nd since it’s also my hubby’s b-day and it would be a special bond for them to share).

2. Can different emotions from a mother affect the baby inside in any way?

I firmly believe they do. I could feel him moving around a lot more when I was stressing out at work, even if I was just sitting behind my desk. Happiness and overall well-being are key to a nice pregnancy.

3. Exercise for pregnant women?

I did regular pilates until about 6 months. Then, I switched to pregnancy pilates. I also did a lot of Kegel exercises and breathing techniques. Otherwise, I just went for walks as much as I could. Regardless of pregnancy, I continued with my daily life until about 36 weeks (out of 40 or better said, 41 for me).

4. Did you do a natural birth or a C-section?

I gave birth naturally – but that’s a whole other story. It was great, by the way.

5. Did your baby move a lot?

He had a nice pattern where he would be awake for most of the night and up until 8 or 9 a.m., then sleep while I was at work and have another afternoon session of exercise. I learned when to expect the movements so I didn’t panic in between. In the end I could also tickle him awake 🙂 (naughty mummy!)

6. What did you eat the most?

I ate pretty much my standard diet, but I had more meat then usual when I only have it about twice a week. View Post

Where have I been? – Life update

Dear beauties,

Yes, I have sort of vanished from the face of the Earth in the past few months. I am sorry for that, but not much could be done about that. If you want to know the facts and reasons behind my disappearance, keep on reading!

As many of you may remember, I announced my pregnancy in beginning of January. My due date was 25th of March (which has come and gone and the baby is keeping us waiting) and since we didn’t buy a single thing until we told everyone, we had a lot to do in those three months.

I must say, that playing house all over again, decorating the nursery and buying baby clothes had been a blast and I enjoyed every minute of it. Everything had been set for about a month now, just waiting for the new addition to our family. I will share some photos once the little one arrives.

I had a really lovely pregnancy up until about 36 weeks (a normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks) and I was really proud of myself, saying sentences like »I could do this all the time« and »I don’t even understand why I have to go on maternity leave« and similar. Well, then 36th week rolled around and all of a sudden, every possible nuisance and pain related to the last month hit me hard. I got back pain. I got cramps. I got an inflammation of the carpal tunnel (which I still have and typing is hell). I began suffering from high blood pressure and swelling. I was filling ill all the time. I started having ligament pain. You name it, it hurt.

And yes, blogging was the last thing on my mind with my body so obviously set on hurting me.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been feeling a little better, but it’s possibly also because I know that it’s really going to be any day now that little M. joins this world. I have some posts planned in the meantime, hopefully I’ll be able to post them normally.

And once I come back, we’ll have plently of reasons to celebrate with a nice giveaway!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

What I got for Christmas 2015

Dear beauties,

I know that quite a few of you enjoyed my post about birthday presents and since my b-day and Christmas day are separated by exactly six months, I though that a Christmas edition would be fun as well.

I will say in advance that I’m not trying to brag or show off in any way. If you don’t like or are offended by such posts, please click out now – I have many other interesting posts that you can go and read something you’ll enjoy.¸

I am not showing you all of my presents, since some were really personal, untangible (which I will explain in a moment) and some were really unpersonal (like gift cards and money), but here’s what I got from my friends, family and my hubby.

My big present this year was a new iPad case since I really needed a new one as mine was falling apart at the seams.

I got spoiled big time with a new leather Cartier case in a nice fuchsia color. It’s exactly what I would have chosen for myself, absolutely perfect and I hope it will last me at least as long as the last one.

The presents in the photo really tickled my soul since all of them are something I would have chosen for myself as well. I got some L’Occitane relaxing bath salts, two Yankee candles and the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette. I’ve actually gotten this in November as an early B-day present so I’m just about ready to do a proper review on it.

Can’t forget my wonderful fuzzy socks! I’ve worn them almost every day since I got them and missed them a lot when they were in the wash. They are absolutely wonderful and keep my feet nice and toasty. In the photo, I also included two super cute glass ornaments I received from a friend. View Post