Be yourself, be different – with L’Occitane Arlésienne collection

I can’t believe that the Beautiful Bloggers meetup is really over for this year. I had an even better time this year, but truth be told, I need a day or two to process everything before I can summarize my thoughts into a nice, long post.

But I can talk for a moment about the theme of this years’ meetup: Be yourself … be an unicorn! Or, as someone put it even better: Be yourself. Unless you can be an unicorn – then always be an unicorn! I already spoke many times how I feel that it’s difficult to tell one beauty blog from another, since most of us write about similar products, shoot similar photos… there is no diversity.

And I plan to change that! I am making a promise to myself that I will make my blog different, unique and stand out from all others. I plan to keep that promise!

I was kind of motivated to write this post by L’Occitane. They are soon releasing a new Arlésienne collection and kindly gave us a sneak preview of the collection on Friday. The little package contained the Arlésienne Velvet Hand Cream and the Arlésienne delicious gloss, but more importantly, a challenge to be different. What was the challenge, you ask?

Well, I’m glad you asked. We all got a long, pink ribbon with the following instruction: “The decorative ribbon that Arlésienne woman (women from Arlese in the south of France) puts into her hair speaks a story about a bold woman, who is completely free. Each ribbon is unique and speaks its own language – the pattern on it is as unique as the woman who wears it in her hair.”