Empties #8 (hair & body care)

It’s been almost six months since my last empties. The results are tragic – a full bag of empty product, so many that I cannot possibly fit them into one post. Today, you can read all about my hair and body care products. This post will be followed by skincare and make-up empties in the following week. Let’s jump right into it.

Empties: hair care

empties shampoo loreal elseve

I haven’t been very good when it comes to shampoos because I’ve been loving the L’Oreal Elseve Extraodinary Clay&Purifying shampoo and conditioner so much. Again and again, I’m amazed how clean, shiny and fresh my hair feels after use. I especially like the fact that it prolongs the time during washes for a day, if not more. I’m now on my fourth pack of these. On the other hand, I wasn’t too impressed with Precious Argan shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t like the scent and my hair got greasy very quick. Wouldn’t repurchase either of them.

empties shampoo nivea pantene briogeo

I was also relatively pleased with the Nivea Care & targeted care shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. My hair was soft and more manageable, but products for dry hair really shouldn’t be used by those of us who have problems with greasy scalp. I should have paid more attention to that. I also used up two samples of Briogeo Don’t despair, repair hair mask and didn’t find them to be revolutionary. In fact, they didn’t do anything that a regular conditioner can’t do. Last but not least, I also used up the Pantene Aqua Light shampoo which was good for my hair but made my scalp itchy and dry.

Empties: body care

empties shower gel nivea afrodita just

I generally forget to save up shower gels, but I really wanted to show you these two – Nivea Waterlily & Oil and Afrodita Sweet almond oil gel. They are similar in the sense that they both lather up nicely and have a wonderful smell. I would repurchase those but I need to get through my stock of Afrodita shower gels before that. I also used up what is probably my tenth bottle of Just Intimate Gel. It’s not irritable and I think that’s extremely important when it comes to personal hygiene.

empties deodorants nivea le couvent des minimes dolce gabbana

Last but not least – deodorants. All three have been lying in my empties bag for months, since I’m now a religious user of Mirta deodorant (you can read all about it *here*). I cannot many nice words about the Nivea Pure&Natural deodorant except for the fact it doesn’t contain aluminium salts. It didn’t fare well when it comes to body odor. I could probably say the same about the Dolce&Gabbana Light blue deodorant, but I only used this on special occasions and didn’t put it through as many paces. On the other hand, I have only nice words for the Le Couvent Des Minimes deodorant with essential oils. It did the job and I personally think it’s worth the money, since it took months to use it up.

If you used any of the product above, I’d love to hear your opinion about them. Until next time, stay beautiful!

L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

During the summer I often feel like my scalp gets really messy, really fast – even faster than in the winter time. I can confirm that because I spent a week cooped up inside during a recent cold and my hair was still in reasonable shape after a week of not washing it. Otherwise, it gets greasy really fast. If we add the layers of hair oils and sprays, sea salt and other dirt into the mix, it’s instantly clear why a cleansing shampoo such as the L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub should be a staple in every bathroom.

Product that will change your hair care routine

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

This year, I chose the L’Occitane revitalizing  fresh cleansing scrub (150ml, 23,50 €). It’s a cream scrub with particles of sea salt. I apply it directly to the scalp and really rub it well in so that the sea salt can improve the microcirculation in the scalp. Then, I add plently of water so that the product foams and I wash the rest of my hair with that foam. It can be used before shampooing or instead of a regular shampoo.

Essential oils for a refreshing feeling

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

L’Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub contains five essential oils – lavender, thyme, grapefruit, cedar and mint. The latter can be “blamed” for the incredibly fresh feeling that remains on the scalp long after use. I can best describe it as pointing a fan directly at your wet head. I find the feeling invigorating, especially during these warm summer days.

Fresh scalp and clean hair

L'Occitane revitalizing fresh cleansing scrub

I was impressed with the L’Occitane scrub after the first use. The hair felt really clean (so clean it was “squeaking” under my fingers) and stayed soft and shiny for a longer period of time. I can now extend the time between washes to every four days which saves me quite a bit of time. Naturally, I didn’t use it while on vacation because I was washing my hair every day as it was, but now, sitting in the hell-hole called Ljubljana, this scrub is a staple that cannot be missing from my haircare routine. If you haven’t used this or a similar product yet, I’d highly recommend you try it out. Until next time, stay beautiful!

*I purchased the product myself. All opinions are mine and mine alone, the brand cannot influence them in any shape or form.


Battle of dry shampoos – Aussie vs. Batiste

OK, OK, it’s not a battle – but it sure sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I did a Battle of the blenders a while ago comparing Real Techniques and Beautyblender sponges (*click*) so I thought I’d stick to the tradition.

Today, I wanted to do a quick comparison of two popular dry shampoos – Batiste Original and Aussie Festival Fresh dry shampoo.

Price and availability

Batiste dry shampoos can be bought at Licila.si for 4,90 € per bottle (200 ml), while you can get Aussie dry shampoo at Muller drugstore (probably also DM, but I’m not sure about that) for about 4 € per bottle (180 ml).

Packaging and spraying distribution

Well, although Aussie is trying hard to be hip, I still love the retro look of Batiste dry shampoos with the swirls, cherries and flowers they put on their bottles. The distribution of the product is approximately similar with both, but the softer cap on Aussie shampoo makes it a bit easier to control how much product you want to get out. View Post

Subrina Vitamins & Strength

I am such a sucker for foreign brands that I rarely think about reaching for something domestic, which is unfortunate, really, since I am only now learning how many wonderful brands are being made right here in my backyard.

Subrina is one of the brands that’s really been neglected on my part and I got a chance to try two of the products from the Vitamins & Strength line that I got at the Beauty Blogger Meetup. They are sold at the Click2Chic online store. The shampoo costs for 2,34 300 ml and the conditioner 2,49 € for 250 ml.

Both shampoo and conditioner are without parabens, mineral oil and formaldehyde releases meaning that they don’t contain all sorts of things that are not really beneficial for your hair or your scalp.

I really, really like the way that the combo of both products makes my hair feel – it’s nice and silky, very light but also feels nourished. I didn’t notice any significant changes as far as the outward appearance goes – my hair pretty much looked the same as it always does.

One thing I would have liked different is the smell. Although I put a lovely smelling oil in my hair when it’s still damp, I could still feel the overpowering smell of perfume in the conditioner through it and I wasn’t impressed. But, if that’s your thing, you will love this Subrina line, because the smell really lingers for a long time.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

My Aussie experience

Since the 1st Beauty Bloggers meetup, I have banned myself from shopping completely. I have so many wonderful products at home, so many new brands to explore and so many posts to write that I simply don’t need any more beauty products in my life right now.


Consequently, I decided to attempt (to the best of my abilities) a month with a post each single day, which I named Blogvember. Hopefully, I will be able to keep my word and 30 separate posts, although it will be no walk in the park since November is usually the busiest moth of the year at work and I will also be flying somewhere warm to soak my feet in the middle of the ocean during the month. But I believe in myself and hopefully, you will enjoy the posts will bring to you!

One of the brands that I had almost no experience with before the conference is Aussie. I was quite excited to see their products in the gift bags since I have heard many good things about it from other beauty bloggers. 

At the conference, I got the Aussie Repair Miracle Shampoo (300 ml, about 5,60 € at Boots) and the Repair Miracle Conditioner (250 ml, also about 5,60 € at Boots). On one of my trips, I also picked up the Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo (Colour Mate, about 6,6€ at Boots). View Post