Subrina Vitamins & Strength

I am such a sucker for foreign brands that I rarely think about reaching for something domestic, which is unfortunate, really, since I am only now learning how many wonderful brands are being made right here in my backyard.

Subrina is one of the brands that’s really been neglected on my part and I got a chance to try two of the products from the Vitamins & Strength line that I got at the Beauty Blogger Meetup. They are sold at the Click2Chic online store. The shampoo costs for 2,34 300 ml and the conditioner 2,49 € for 250 ml.

Both shampoo and conditioner are without parabens, mineral oil and formaldehyde releases meaning that they don’t contain all sorts of things that are not really beneficial for your hair or your scalp.

I really, really like the way that the combo of both products makes my hair feel – it’s nice and silky, very light but also feels nourished. I didn’t notice any significant changes as far as the outward appearance goes – my hair pretty much looked the same as it always does.

One thing I would have liked different is the smell. Although I put a lovely smelling oil in my hair when it’s still damp, I could still feel the overpowering smell of perfume in the conditioner through it and I wasn’t impressed. But, if that’s your thing, you will love this Subrina line, because the smell really lingers for a long time.

Until next time, stay beautiful!