My top 10 nail polishes for the summer

I love changing the color of my nails as often as I find the time (which is not that often now with the baby M around, but still often enough). Going through my collection packing up for vacation, I found myself searching for very specific polishes and instantly decided to share my pick with you. 

Starting off with the lightest shades, we’ve got Ciate Snow Virgin, Delia Coral (n. 159) and Essie Sittin’ Pretty. I would say that Ciate and Delia work well with two coats, but I’m not a big fan of the Essie formula in this particular shade. Still, it’s a lovely violet color and I am willing to make an effort.

Next are the pinks and the orange shades – Avon Sheer Citrus, L’Oreal Nymphea, L’Oreal Cherie Macaron and Avon Flaming Orange. The L’Oreal polishes are spectacular – two coats do the job easily and the colors are so rich and vibrant! I didn’t think I’ll like the Avon Sheer Citrus very much but in fact it’s not as sheer as it appears in the bottle. I am hard pressed to find such neutral shades to fit my skin tone so I am a big fan of this particular polish. Avon Flaming Orange is from last year’s collection of Avon Glow, which has a ton of new releases this year.

Last but not least there are the cooler shades – Ciate Apples and Custard, Zoya Lilian and a new edition to my nail polish family, a polish from Bell Hypoalergenic (n. 45). The latter reminds me of my favorite Youtuber so I just had to pick it up, Ciate is perfect for a wash of color and Lilian is a staple on days when I can’t be bothered too much since one coat usually does the job.

What is your favorite nail polish for the summer days? Let me know!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Essence trend edition SUMMER FUN

For some reason, I get the most excited about the summer and Christmas special edition make-up. I find that I’m much more willing to experiment in the summer – more color, more shimmer, more everything!

This is why I’m on my toes waiting for the Essence The Beach house collection (*click* to find out more about it) to finally hit the stores, and while waiting for that one, I’m already looking forward to the new line called Summer fun. Essence says it includes bright colors, exciting cooling textures and must-haves for hair.

I’m always most drawn to the nail polishes. This edition includes four of them, all with a wet look effect. I wonder how pigmented these will be, especially white and pink polish, but to tell the truth I’m most excited about the turquoise polish named “Meet me at the pool”. These will retail for 1,79€.

A make-up product I’ve never seen before is a cooling eyeshadow. The concept intrigues me! I also wonder if they apply with a wand or a rollerball. These will retail for 1,99 €. View Post

Avon Glow Nailwear Pro+ : Flaming Orange and Plush Berry

A couple of days ago, I already posted a review of the Nutra Effects daily moisturizer and Luck La Vie Perfume that I was kindly sent by Avon Slovenija.

As I already mentioned in that post, I want to do a separate review of their new summer shades from the Nailwear Pro+ line – Flaming Orange and Plush Berry.

I must admit I’m not crazy about the brown boxes (it’s subjective, of course, but I really don’t like brown color in general). It’s not a packaging I would be attracted to in the store.

I do like the bottles with the shimmery brown caps, though. They are square and a bit higher, which means they fit in nicely into my storage and don’t take up any extra space. View Post