Holiday nails

I had a great weekend which ended with a little manicure. I just received the nail art pen from a couple of days ago and let’s just say that I just had to try it out right away 🙂

Anyway, I started with a base coat of Barry M 3-1 (basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener all in one) which has been my recent favorite. I do have a feeling that it makes my nails a bit stronger. I followed up with Zoya Noel, which is a real wintery color, as the name alone suggests.

I did two accent nails with the Beauty UK nail polish in 09 – Frozen kingdom. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the formula, but after 2 quite massive coats (and after chipping it right away on the first try) it finally did the job. The color is just right, though.

Next, I really got a lot of use from the nail art pen, doing different patterns on both hands. I even managed a relatively nice snowflake on one of the nails while this little chocolate dude was controlling my work.

Regarding the Konad nail art pen, I must say that I am quite a fan. It comes with a dotter (which needs to be squeezed to produce more or less nail polish) and a thin pointed brush, which are both placed on each side. The brush is really, really fine and you’ll be able to do really nice patterns with this. My only complaint would be that the base (so the tube holding the actual nail polish) does not stand on its own when the brush is removed, so you either have to lean it against something or find another way to set it upright. It’s currently on sale on

So to recap, I only really used 5 different product counting the base coat and my long time favorite Essie Good to go top coat to finish the look.

Have a great pre-christmas week and, as always – until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome!