Empty products!

Once again, I dug out my beauty trash. I tried to keep your advice in mind and do this post a bit earlier this time so the post doesn’t stretch into infinity. I don’t think I did very well, though.

Let’s start small. I’ve gotten or purchased quite a lot of samples and for once, I managed to use some as well.

I love Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting exfoliator. It was my first time trying something with BHA gel and I’m really tempted to get a full size of this. It made my skin bright, I really had a feeling that it was clean and soft. I can’t say the same for the Delarom Infinite White serum – I noticed no difference to my skin after using a couple of these samples (which I got in the Dashbox).

I will get my behind whooped by beauty bloggers for saying this, but I was really, really unimpressed with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. My hair didn’t feel any different or feel any different after I used it. I might try some other Aussie products in the future, but I will not be purchasing this any time soon.

Sticking with the hair theme, I used up my Syoss Anti-Grease Dry Shampoo. This was an OK product – it lasted me quite long, but I only used it on 3rd day hair which doesn’t happen very often to me to be honest. The smell is nice and it does suck some of the grease out. Hint: I usually spray this into my hair first thing in the morning and let it do its magic for a good 10 minutes before brushing out. I would repurchase this, but I might also go for Batiste again, simply because I prefer the smell. View Post

Product empties

I was under the impression that while hubby was away for two weeks, I would have plenty of time and would post something new every day. Well… that turned out well, now didn’t it? I’m sorry to have gone MIA for 20 days, but now I’m back and let’s get this party started!

I actually wanted to write some other posts before this one, but as it turns out, cleaning out your closets really makes the empties pile up – I found quite a few products that had only a tiny bit left and that’s now gone.

Pantene Aqua Light, Garnier Fructis Repair and shine 3, Moroccanoil, Goldwell Golden Spray
I used up the Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine shampoo and conditioner. Both contain three nutritive fruit oils: olive, avocado and shea oil. I liked them well enough, especially the fruity scent, but they did nothing really special for my hair. I would not repurchase them.

I also used up the Pantene Aqua Light shampoo (which went a bit faster since hubby was stealing it all the time). This served as a shampoo to get rid of build up in my hair – it really gave them a good wash and they got that squeaky feeling to them – do you know what I’m talking about? I would repurchase this, since it’s inexpensive and works really well. As you can see, I also had some samples of this conditioner lying around so those went as well.

Keeping up with the hair theme, I finished the Moroccanoil treatment. For some reason, this went really fast – I expected it to last much longer, but to be honest, I was using it twice per days just because it made my hair incredibly silky and healthy looking. I still think that this would last much longer if it was used with a pump, since I sometimes got much more out of the bottle than needed. So I will purchase the full size (after I use up my Keraste oil), but probably keep the pump bottle from Keraste and put it in there.

I got the Goldwell Golden Spray from my hair stylist as a new year present. I liked it well enough – it didn’t make my hair sticky and was easy to brush out at the end of the day. It used to be hard to find a good hairspray, but right now, there are so many good ones out there that I probably will not purchase this, but instead try something new. View Post

First Empties of 2015!

This post is way overdue, especially due to the fact that my spare closet was starting too look like some hoarder’s wet dream. A bunch of empties and no time to share my thoughts on them with you, my beauties. But this changes – right now!

Let’s start with some haircare.

I used up the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair for dry and damaged hair – and for once, the shampoo and the conditioner both lasted the exact same amount of washes. I don’t know why, but usually I use up the conditioner way faster. Anyway, this came recommended by a friend and I loved the product. It really did make a difference in my hair, leaving it a bit shinier and I’ve also noticed less frizz and fewer flyaways. I also use the deep conditioning mask, but I’ve got a couple more uses in that one.

As for this Essence Road Trip dry shampoo, I just don’t know. It was a random purchase and I used it just as randomly. It didn’t really convince me in making my hair any less greasy, so I mainly used it if my hair was clean but had a smell (e.g. if I was baking/cooking something with a heavy smell). So I wouldn’t repurchase this.

I have rambled about the Axe Anarchy deodorant so much in my empties, I’m not going to repeat myself. I was however slightly surprised by the Nivea Angel Star Invisible deodorant. I think they changed the formula on that one – when I used it in the past it really did the job, but for some reason this one just did not perform. It’s not really empty, but I am throwing it away since it’s useless.

Alas, I also used up an entire bottle of Chloe by Chloe perfume in about 6 months. I purchased a double size of this a couple of months back so I hope it lasts me at least until 2016. I love this smell, but I would not recommend a certain perfume to anyone, since it’s completely a personal preference. I will say, however, that it lasts beautifully on my skin – I get compliments on it even after 12 hours. View Post

Product empties

I can’t believe how time flies. It’s less than 2 weeks until December and less than a week until my first ever Christmas giveaway 🙂 Are you excited? I know I am.

Anyhow, I’ve again gathered a whole bunch of empty products which I have more or less firm opinions on already. I think that these particular empties are much more random than the first ones, so I tried to put them into categories to make things easier on all of us. As usual, I will also answer the »would I repurchase« question with each of them, since it’s what really counts in my opinion.

First up, four random products that I really don’t know where to put. First are the Dvorec Trebnik bath salt and Biodent mouthwash.

I picked up this Dvorec Trebnik salt on a whim in Mercator one day. I don’t really have the time to take long baths on a regular basis, but I must admit I’ve taken a lot more since I’ve bought this product. It gives the water a smell of a luxury spa. The granules are a bit slow to disintegrate so I usually put them in the bath before I start running the water. I’ve used up the bottle in about 2 months, but then again, I probably use way too much of the product, to be honest. I repurchased itin the Vanilla scent but I actually prefer the orange one.

The Biodent mouthwash perhaps doesn’t exactly fall in the beauty category, but I think that beauty is also hidden in a pretty smile. I think we have tried every mouthwash out there in our household and while I didn’t mind most of them, my hubby hated all except for this Biodent brand (which, incidentally, is the cheapest one out there). So it’s become a staple in our home and I will continue to repurchase it.

Next up, we have my even favourite deodorant – Axe Anarchy for her. This is a budget alternative to buying a really luxury product that you match to your perfume – Axe Anarchy costs about 4 € (I’ve only seen in in Mercator and Müller). It’s not an antiperspirant which is great and it really lasts for 12+ hours of furious pace, which is even better (or a must, to be honest). This was my fourth bottle and I will continue to purchase these in bulk because I’m scared they will stop producing it. It was already included in my first empties and I expect it to make another appearance soon 🙂 View Post

My Fall and Winter Skincare Routine

I’ll be the last one to claim that I always stick to my routine, go through all the paces, take 20 minutes to get my face ready in the morning or clean at night, never sleep with my make-up on. Let’s face it, we’re all working people in some way or another. I don’t have half an hour a day to go through each of these steps. But when I do take the time and put in the effort, this is my normal autumn & winter skincare routine that is quite different from what I do to my face in the summer.

In the morning, there are four steps I try to take before putting any make-up on. First, some warm water never hurt anyone and apparently, it opens up your pores and prepares them for everything that is to follow. When dry, I follow up with the moisturizing part which is my absolute favorite thing to do in the morning – it really helps me feel fresh and ready to start the day. I’ve recently switched up my daily moisturizer to Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

So far, so good. It’s a little dry for my taste so I will probably try the lotion from the same line next time, but it does not break me out which is a step in the right direction. Normally, I’ve had luck with Clinique skincare products in general, so it’s a positive trend.

I try to take off my make-up when I get home from work, but it still normally has a good 12 hours to jump around my face clogging my pores, melting away and doing all kind of other silly business. I don’t tend to do the entire skincare routine at that moment though – I just use some cleanser (right now, I’m using the Nivea Pure&Natural Cleaning Milk) and a facial wipes. I’ve written a long post about many of these already and I’m currently using the Yes to Blueberries wipes which I again adore 🙂

In the evening, the real pampering (or torture, depends on the type of person you are) starts. About 3 times a week, I try to exfoliate with my Olay Pro-X and the Neutrogena purifying pore scrub. I’ve also gotten my hands on some Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 1 % BHA gel and I’m excited to try this stuff out to see how my skin will like it. When I exfoliate, I always end the process by putting the Nuxe (Huile Prodigieuse) oil on my face and let it really nurture the skin properly for about 15-20 minutes before doing anything else. I feel that exfoliation is quite stressful on the skin and it deserves a little pampering afterwards.

But as a part of a regular, everyday routine, I first take off my make-up as described above. Then I let my skin rest for a couple of minutes before applying Mixa Soothing Toner. It’s good, but it is not my favorite. That would have to be the Nuxe Eau Demaquilliante Micelaire (Micelar cleaning water). I’ve only had a deluxe sample of that and I am quite ready to invest in the whole bottle.

Then I apply the eye cream. I am currently using the Eveline Argan Oil Anti-wrinkle rejuvenating eye-cream, but I doubt that I will finish the whole serum – it does not seem to do anything to have any benefit whatsoever on my skin and I am a bit disappointed in it. Last but not least, I apply my nightly moisturizer. I switched this one as well, so I am using the L’Oreal Triple Active night moisturizer (I dropped it one day hence no lid because it broke). It’s very, very nice – quite oily, but I like that in the night cream since it has plently of time to really do its thing to my face throughout the night. I also apply down my neck as well.

And that is IT. It’s really simple in my opinion, although my husband would probably not agree.

What is the one thing that cannot be missing from your skincare routine when you want to pamper yourself? Comment below!

Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome!