Sheet masks – purchases and reviews

First of all, my hat goes off to the person that first thought of sheet masks. I love the whole concept since it’s a quick, easy and mess free procedure. Giving some extra love to our skin literally could not be any easier. But let’s begin at the beginning.

These are the sheet masks that I have bought so far. As you can see, I broke the number one beauty blogger rule (take photos before use), but I knew it will be a while before I’ll have time for this post so I couldn’t help myself.

The concept of a sheet mask is simple. You open it up and inside, you’ll find a sheet mask that looks like a large wet tissue applied to a plastic mask like the one in the photo below. The application is super easy, because the mask already has all the holes where you need them and additional cuts by the nose and on the chin that make it easier to really mold it to your face. I would say it takes me about 30 seconds to really apply it well. View Post