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Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Leto je naokrog in revija Grazia je ponovno podelila “lepotne nagrade” najboljšim lepotnim izdelkom. Verjamem, da žirantke (dr. Metka Adamič, Ajda Sitar z bloga Ajda’s, lepotna urednica Grazie Alenka Birk, Alenka Mirt (ki je sedaj pravzaprav Alenka Kesar), Martina Vrhovnik, Ana Gregorič in Bernarda Marovt) niso imele enostavnega dela, saj so morale preizkusiti na desetine izdelkov. Verjamem, da ste glasovale tudi bralke in s tem pomagale izbrati svoje najljubše izdelke. Pogledamo, kateri so zmagovalci in za katere izdelke sem glasovala sama? V vsaki kategoriji spodaj sem z rdečo barvo označila svoj izbran izdelek, z zlato barvo pa zmagovalni izdelek. Če je zmagal izdelek, za katerega sem glasovala tudi sama, potem rdeče oznake ni in je samo zlata.

Hvala reviji Grazia za prijazno posredovanje informacij o zmagovalcih in čudovitih ilustracij zmagovalcev, v katerih lahko sedaj uživaš tudi sama.


Izdelek, ki spremeni življenje: nominirani so bili Artdeco Liquid Camouflage tekoča podlaga, Catrice HD Liquid Coverage, Vichy Dermablend 3D korektivni puder ter Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow osvetljevalec (kratka ocena te čaka *tu*, trenutno pa ga lahko osvojiš tudi v moji nagradni igri na moji Facebook strani).

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017


Party šminka: nominirani so bili Artdeco Ombre lipstick, Essence Shine Shine Shine lip, Catrice Ombre Two tone lipstick, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, Isadora Twist Up Matt lips in Clinique lip pop mate.

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Za popoln ten: nominirani so bili Artdeco set korektorjev Colour Correcting stick (4 svinčniki), Essence Instant Mat Setting Spray, Catrice Light&Show contouring blush, Max Factor Miracle Touch, Bourjois healthy mix, Rimmel Fresher skin, Isadora Cover up foundation in Vichy dermablend korektivna podlaga.

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Za uau trepalnice: nominirani so bili Artdeco maskara Color&Care, Lux Factor eyelash serum, Essence The False Lashes mascara Extreme Volume & Curl, Catrice Rock Couture maskara (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*), Max Factor false lash epic, Rimmel Wonderful maskara, Bourjois Volume reveal maskara ter Isadora Built Up Extra volume maskara

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

Izdelek za nohte: nominirani so bili Artdeco instant repair, Essence colour boost, Catrice Soft Blossom, Rimmel Super Gel, Isadora second nail, Zoya fast drops in Catrice Iconails (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*).

Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

All in one izdelek: nominirani so bili Artdeco 3v1 fixing spray, Essence my must haves palette (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*), Catrice The Nude Blossom eyeshadow palette (mojo objavo si lahko prebereš *tu*) ter Isadora BB krema.

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Grazia Beauty Award Winners 2016

This Thursday, the Slovenian issue of Grazia Magazine gave out the Beauty Awards for the first time in Slovenian history. Among 111 products, seven beauty experts chose winners in different categories. We also got to vote, but I haven’t gotten any feedback from Grazia if our votes counted in any way (will update if I find out).

Anyway, here are the winners. All the photos (which are gorgeous, are from the Grazia website, give them some love *here*).

Life changing product: Vichy Dermablend

I have not tried this product yet. It is supposed to cover minor to major imperfections, such as redness, dark circles and uneven skin surface).

I voted for: Vichy Dermablend, because Nika from Beautyfull Blog gave it a big thumbs up 🙂

Wau effect: OPI Rapid Dry quick drying top coat

I like OPI polishes but so far, I haven’t been too impressed with the base and top coats

I voted for: Avon Eyeshadow Primer, which is one of my favorite primers of all times. View Post

Midyear favorites 2015

You may have noticed that I stopped doing monthly favorites about 6 months ago. The reason is quite simple – I don’t have many new favorites every month, so I prefer not to talk about products until I have a firm opinion about them. With that in mind, I give you my mid-year favorites for 2015 – the products I used and loved in the first six months of this year.

Let’s start with body products. I’ve talked about both of these before.

My first favorite is Nivea In-Shower Body Milk with shea butter. I love the idea of moisturizing while taking a shower and it really saves me a lot of time. I prefer this formula for dry skin to the one for normal skin – the shea butter really gives it the additional *umph*.

Secondly, I’ve really been enjoying my Stenders Salt Scrub in Rose and it’s not long before I’ll completely run out. It’s a fine scrub with some rose petals in it – it gets rid of the old epidermis and also moisturizes, since it’s oil based. The only downside is the amount of time you’ll need to scrub your shower clean after using it.

For hair, I haven’t found my new favorite shampoo&conditioner combo just yet. The only thing I am including here is my Kerastase Elixir Ultime. I apply this to my roots and about 10 cm up after each wash and I feel I’ve had lot less split and dry hair in the past few months. This product is quite expensive, but the bottle will last you ages, since you need the smallest amount per day / per wash.

I was the last beauty blogger on the planet to get something from the L’Oreal Micellar line, but I now understand why everyone is so excited about it. I really, really like this micellar gel – the tiniest amount removes my daily make-up without any problems. It also does quite a good job at removing waterproof mascara, although I must admit that I usually tackle that with other products.

After L’Oreal Micellar gel, I tend to use the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser. I have talked about this great product before – it’s really easy to use (massaged into the skin and rinsed off), smells wonderfully and leaves my face clean and fresh.

For moisturizer, I am almost done with the Afrodita Hydra Thermal 24h Ultra Moisturizing Cream. I really like this product – it’s a simple, no fuss moisturizer and it does its job. Also, from all of the products in these favorites, I would guess that it has the best price: number of uses ratio. View Post